Swick laughs Hughes off. "It wouldn't even be a fight"

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11/8/09 3:08:31AM
Mike ‘Quick’ Swick has laughed off Matt Hughes’ comments that neither he nor his American Kickboxing Academy teammate Josh Koscheck are in his league. Somewhat incredulous, Swick dismissed the remark as “silly” and said if anything it would be Hughes that is out of his depth.

As far as not being worthy of fighting him? That's silly to me. I don't think he beats any of us. I mean, I don't think it would even be a fight,” Swick said in an interview with Heavy.com this week.“He's a tough guy and he's a very talented fighter. The reason we wanted to fight him isn't because we're picking on him, but because he's a top-level fighter.”

11/8/09 3:14:40AM
Please don't sink to his level ATT guys.....it's childish and should be beneath you all. If a legend doesn't want to fight the New Breed then "F" it....just get your fights and prove why you are the next in line for the title.
11/8/09 3:53:32AM
I think this is a poor move by Swick. It seems a little immature to say something like this. I also think its odd how Swick talks about him Fitch and Koscheck like they're all the same person.

In other words, its conceivable that he would beat swick and not fitch or kos. Or that he would beat fitch and not swick or kos. Not that I think thats true, just pointing out that training together doesn't mean you can all beat the same people and loose to the same people.
11/8/09 4:10:52AM
Hughes could easily beat Swick, Not every time maybe but he could do it. Fitch and Koscheck, They both would beat Hughes, And Swick too.

He should only be thinking about 1 man at the moment, The Outlaw.
11/9/09 5:32:49PM
Honestly, I don't think it would be much of a fight either.
11/9/09 6:41:53PM
Lol. "It wouldnt be much of a fight, but where all gona call him out becouse hes a top class fighter". Makes sense. Not. Id pick Hughes to UD Swick personally. Although I do think he'd loose to Fitch and Kos pretty one sidedly.
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