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10/18/12 10:58:27AM
If he returns to the cage following his current suspension, UFC welterweight Nick Diaz won't get an immediate title shot.

Instead, UFC President Dana White said he'll first need a victory against one of the division's elite.

Diaz hasn't fought since a narrow interim-title loss to Carlos Condit in February at UFC 143, where he failed a post-fight drug test due to marijuana metabolites

10/18/12 11:23:09AM
Or just channel his trash talking skills.
10/18/12 11:40:16AM
i think diaz deserves a title shot, but i do agree with him getting a win before that happens. a win over a top 5 guy like Kampmann should do it
10/18/12 12:29:41PM

Posted by BuffaloDave

Or just channel his trash talking skills.

This. He could just come back, run his mouth, and tell Dana, "Im ready to step up". And Dana will give him a shot at any title. Shit, I can walk in the door and start talking shit about JDS and tell Dana Im ready and maybe he will give me a shot. Seems to work for others.
10/18/12 4:28:59PM
Diaz will prob have to fight the loser of GSP/Condit !!!
10/19/12 11:24:03AM
I'm glad Diaz isn't getting a title shot right away. As a fighter, I think he's incredibly overrated. BJ Penn was kicking the crap out of him until he gassed. He still can't stop a takedown. His BJJ is great but it's not that functional in the MMA world (he doesn't sweep, submit or get up off his back well). His standup isn't all that great either. More technical fighters can do work against him on the feet (see Carlos Condit).

With all that being said, he's exciting to watch and has a great personality. I think the winner of Hendricks/Kampmann has done enough to earn the title shot, and shouldn't have to fight Diaz to get there. I say that Rory McDonald makes a ton of sense assuming he beats Penn. Whatcha guys think?
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