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7/11/07 4:32:23PM
is it bad or good for a diet ??
7/11/07 5:28:27PM
Fish is really good for you, but sushi can sometimes be a lot of white rice, which is not great for losing weight.

Sashimi is better because it's just the fish.

Also, many people eat sushi/sashimi with a ton of soy sauce. Soy sauce is loaded with sodium (salt), even the low salt soy sauce, which is not good for you.

7/11/07 5:30:34PM
yeah, true .... thanks for the info
7/11/07 6:22:37PM
i played rugby with a guy who ate sushi in the middle of a tournament. he had sushi in a tupper ware container for about 3 hours in the hot sun.

7/11/07 6:23:28PM
ahahah ... i bet that had to be good
7/11/07 6:42:56PM
Soy sauce on Sushi is a total Faux Pas in Japan; yes, Soy sauce does come in the boxes of Sushi on sale in the west, but try it on in Japan and you will get laughed at, its like putting Ketchup on boiled veg to them. Not only is it just not on, it totally clouds the true flavour of the sushi too, Sushi is supposed to be delicate, Soy Sauce is very heavy, it totally overpowers the natural flavour, and is full of salt. Salt is bad. Soy Sauce is bad.

As far as being healthy goes, there are much worse things you could eat!
7/11/07 6:46:15PM
i just figured it would be ok cause of the fish
7/16/07 6:43:19PM
Fish is a kickin diet.
7/18/07 7:24:50AM
Are interested in getting fish into your diet? or eating the sushi for the readily prepared and easy to eat aspect?, the reason the majority of people seem to eat sushi (becoming a fad).

If you are looking at getting fish into your diet I would suggest eating fish on its own with some vegetables or including it in a pasta dish.

I have sushi maybe once or twice a week for lunch as it saves me taking something to work and is easy to eat.


Jonny Muzz
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