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9/25/09 11:47:21AM
...and this is why I'm fat.


1.) Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans
2.) Spaghetti (w/onions, mushrooms, green peppers), garlic bread
3.) Cheeseburger & Fries
9/25/09 12:45:19PM
1) Pancakes and bacon
2) Country Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Macaroni & Cheese
3) Wings and beer
9/25/09 1:07:07PM
ill do one for each of the three meals of the day adn without worrying about calories, just taste matters here.

breakfast: country fried steak, biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs w/cheese and onions and maybe some toast

lunch: cheeseburger w/ fried onions, tomato, lettuce, & mayo. fried cheese curds, and an iced tea or lemonade.

dinner: chicken kiev, green beans, twice baked potato w/ sour cream, butter and chives.

if i had this daily id be 450 lbs, but once in awhile all three are awesome.
9/25/09 1:26:57PM
Im a pretty picky eater so my choices are quite basic -

Indian chicken curry

Sunday Dinner - Mashed and roast potatos, roast beef, peas, yorkshire puddings and gravey.

Beef boiled rice, new potatos and chicken.
9/25/09 2:00:05PM
Pizza with ham and spicy Italian sausge (I prefer both meats to be shredded instead of sliced)

Korean saam geh tang - it is a chicken based soup with ginseng. Typically eaten with sweet rice along with various Korean side dishes.

A meal like this
9/25/09 3:13:11PM
Habachi chicken with fried rice and a shrimp side.

Shrimp Tempura roll

Ribeye with brown rice and a baked potato.


how could I forget I drive almost every saturday about 45 min to get a pulled pork sub, with satueed onions coleslaw provolone on a fresh roll! Garlic mashed and a pepsi. The place is called clems if your in the pittsburgh area hit me up and we can go. I swear I look for any excuse to go. My sister goes to school another 30 min from there and i will go buy here flip flops in december just to stop and get that sandwich.

Sapporo beer is also great at the habachi place.
9/25/09 3:24:04PM
I'm revising my list...

1.) Geno's Cheesesteak
2.) Chicago-style pizza (w/ham, green olives, jalapenos, banana peppers, onions)
3.) Big Beef (dipped) from Portillo's
9/25/09 3:50:38PM
BREAKFAST: 2 eggs(over easy), hashbrowns, 4 strips of good bacon, toast w/ butter and strawberry jelley, and hot cup of strong black tea

LUNCH: Smoked turkey sandwich on garlic bread, tomatoe/onion/olive oil and balsamic salad, chips of any sort really (just something cruchy) w/ iced tea or lemonade

DINNER: NY strip steak with marinated dinner-style hashbrowns and green beens and a side of garlicy shrimp scampi w/ extra dirty martini on the rocks (any sort of surf n' turf with a good gin martini for dinner is fit for a king, IMO)
9/25/09 5:21:00PM
Breakfast: country fried steak skillet. Has eggs, potatos, peppers, cheese, gravy and of course country fried steak.

Lunch: famous dave's beef briskit sandwich. With a combination of sweet and sassy sauce and devil's spit. Side of shaq fries and corned bread muffin

Dinner: either hawiian pizza or hibachi chicken and steak with fried rice.
9/25/09 7:17:47PM
1) Boiled Crawfish
2) Grilled Red Fish
9/25/09 7:28:06PM
I'll just take one of everything you guys are eating This thread has me officially hungry as hell
9/25/09 10:40:13PM

Posted by Jackelope

I'll just take one of everything you guys are eating This thread has me officially hungry as hell

Haha. Same boat buddie. I wish I hadnt opened the thread
9/26/09 12:21:24AM
Full English breakfast (There's a place locally which does 4x bacon, 4x sausage, 2x eggs, 2x hash browns, 1x slice fried bread, 2x slices toast, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes)

Portuguese Steak (with onions, potatoes and garlic)

Traditional Sunday Roast (Cooked by my Grandad. Classic. Unbeatable.)
9/26/09 12:30:36AM
breakfast- 1 egg with american cheese, bacon, on wheat. 1 egg and bacon plain

lunch- turkey sandwhich with bacon lettuce, onion miracle whip on wheat, cool ranch doritos and of course a mountain dew

din din- chicken parm with angel hair and bruchetta bread, or pizza and wings anytime anywhere
9/26/09 7:08:07AM
Obviously no one over the age of 22 can eat this ever day , ever meal and live, but if I could, I would .

1.Pepperoni pineapple pizza with extra cheese
2. Inn and out triple cheeseburger with fries and a chocolate shake
3. Carne Asada burrito with beans , cheese , and tomatoes only

9/26/09 7:40:54AM
1)Breakfast, Anything with a side of bacon.
2)Lunch, Something with bacon on it.
3)Dinner, Meat product wrapped in bacon.

And this is why I am fat
9/26/09 4:33:48PM
Chinease food house noodles (chxn beef shrimp dont matter)
Chips &Salsa / Guacamole
Brautworst with fixins
9/26/09 8:33:01PM
I guess I'm just lucky to have the metabolism of a jackrabbit--I could probably drink 5lbs of bacon grease and I'd crap out six pounds by the morning.

Quiche with an apple turnover
Green peppers stuffed with spanish rice
Ribeye with asparagus and a salad with balsamic vinegar
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