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5/5/07 11:14:34PM
Hate linking to this site, but this type of stuff takes a while to get to mainstream media usually. God, I hope its not real...

LINK (not confirmed source)
5/5/07 11:56:46PM
pretty much confirmed, Justin Levens and a few other fighters have put up memorials on their pages... here's Levens' page

5/5/07 11:59:14PM
wow r.i.p. jeremy williams

you never know whats going on in someone's head

as quoted from bone machine,

"And all you pussies who think you can judge him for his actions, step down from your priviledged high horse and take a moment of silence for someone who (as best as any of us can ever know) did the best he could with what he had available to him.

Never judge a man unless you have walked a mile in his shoes."

5/6/07 12:19:55AM
Fanboy 1988
5/6/07 12:36:36AM
Kinda hard to believe, he was doing so well. My prayers go out to his friends and family.
5/6/07 1:03:40AM
how eerie is this, posted by him on the 3rd, 2 days ago...

5/6/07 1:32:05PM
and its confirmed... rip jeremy... just goes to show you never know...

5/6/07 1:32:29PM

All this keeps me so busy that I sometimes forget to mention the real news which is my new baby on the way. My wife and I are expecting our second one this July and I can’t wait for the four of us to hang out and take it easy.

off his blog..
5/6/07 7:07:34PM
RIP Jeremy

5/7/07 2:55:21PM
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