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1/27/08 11:36:09AM
A new Online Boxing Game is currently in Beta testing.

Supreme Boxing is a free online boxing game in which you have the opportunity to build a fighter and take on the worlds best. Start as a novice with a big heart and big dreams, then develop your skills, rise throught the rankings and enjoy the perks that come with fame and fortune.

Fight for regional, weight and international titles and earn the respect of your competitors. Fancy a break from boxing? Why not spend your hard-earned winnings in the casinos, the property market or on a shopping spree?

In Supreme Boxing, there are no limits on how far you can go. Are you good enough?

1/27/08 9:53:00PM
looks good lol. when can we actually play it with out beta testing
2/4/08 12:05:18AM
You can play now as if the game was working fully and complete. Just pretend that it's not in beta testing and you'll be just fine.

Really! :)
2/4/08 11:12:05AM
I've signed up and it looks like it could be a lot of fun. Is the only way to get fights to be a pro member (costs money eventually)? I know there is a 30 pro membership for working w/ the Beta, but I can't see anywhere else that would allow you to fight.
2/10/08 7:30:40AM
Thanks for the heads up. Looks promising.