I am supposed to make an epic post because I recieved big prop #600

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1/9/13 1:55:14AM
So I have noticed a couple of guys making really cool posts when they get the bling bling status on the prop -o-meter, but alas I am just not as cool or dedicated to research that would be required to do such. So many people will be missed, and I sincerely apologize for it.
My first prop has to go to a guy no one here knows, a Marine buddy of mine who introduced me to the site as a way to settle disputes when we would make personal wagers on upcoming events. Phil Camac, and a few other friends of mine would get together and bet really stupid shit on fights. For example: 100 burpees, 10 slaps to the face, and yes even the famous chode strike. (Admittedly I lost that one....it sucked)
My second prop goes to the Mods, I don't remember which one it was, but when I was deployed and another person was using my account to harrass others and he chatted with my wife and myself to save me. Of course all the Mods deserve some lovin' for simply keeping the site going.
My next prop goes to the "OGs" as they are called (if you have recieved that prop, then you are who I am talking about). This community of salt dogs have gone through rough times and good times. Mass ridiculous bannings, the MMArmy debacle, changing of owners, etc. Their dedication to honing this site into what it has become is amazing! We now have the greatest fantasy MMA site on the web with forums that are simply awesome. Funny, informative, educated on the sport, and definitely a group of characters. Without you all I would have left ages ago. Too many of you to mention really!!
Lastly my props goes to the new breed. Some are still learning the difference between trolling, staying in character, and putting on a good debate...some are just naturals. We need you all to continue to become more informed and more involved in not only the site, but the sport we have all come to love. Without you, we can all just go back to watching "pure sports".
Some random other lovin' for epic posts: how to properly prop yourself, a 9 stringer from HMC, introducing yourself as a notoriously unliked former member, side games, podcasts, mma is fake, and all the debates concerning fighter behavior/drug pops/champions picking fights/friends not fighting each other/WMMA/JMMA/injuries/and just enjoying all of your company from afar, especially my fellow Bellau Woodsmen!
Thanks to all for the props, but more importantly thank you all for the community!
1/9/13 2:28:32AM
Props Brother
1/9/13 4:30:50AM
Nice. Props to a fellow 07/07er we are few but still hang out on the PG. Here's to another 5 years
1/9/13 4:33:46AM
Holy shit.

Spark and my stats are almost the same


Both with 559 props.

1/9/13 5:08:59AM
OG Prop
1/9/13 7:39:56AM
As another member of the 07/07 club, congrats brotha!
1/9/13 8:38:35AM
Props to my mayhem brother! Also i owe you a chode strike
1/9/13 9:35:44AM
Congrats on a well-deserved milestone
1/9/13 10:51:32AM
1/9/13 11:33:05AM
I just got a tear in my eye.
1/9/13 12:30:31PM
congrats, Semper Fi
1/9/13 2:37:41PM
Epic post
1/9/13 3:24:31PM
1/10/13 4:05:37PM
nice av
1/25/13 1:33:33AM
How did I miss this
1/25/13 7:35:20PM
I think I shed a tear, or sharted.... something got wet.