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1/21/12 9:35:12PM
The UFC supports SOPA, what do you feel about this?


As much as I respect and understand Dana White's stance on pirating and streaming UFC PPVs... UFC supporting SOPA has been a huge turn off to many people, check out the backlash on Youtube. I don't like this.
1/21/12 10:11:12PM
1/21/12 10:14:48PM
1/21/12 10:14:48PM
Sony supports SOPA, too.
1/21/12 10:18:09PM
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/21/12 10:39:42PM
I can't help but think that they probably have no idea what the bill actually proposes, and that they just know that it stands for "stop online piracy act". The consequences extend so far beyond piracy. I think the very naming of the bill is meant to make it sound attractive to organizations who feel like piracy is cutting their bottom line, because if they named it was it really is, ie: "let the government choose what you can see on the internet act" it would get shut down quite easily.
1/22/12 12:28:51AM
Not surprising...
1/22/12 1:16:36AM
i cant really say anything about this without breaking the rules about political discussions. either way, I DO NOT SUPPORT SOPA OR ANYONE THAT DOES.
1/22/12 3:33:53AM
Any form of corporation that makes money by selling a form of entertainment - movies, music, television, books, or sports - is going to support SOPA and PIPA, regardless of all the negative consequences that impede internet innovation. (SOPA, if enacted perfectly, would put MMAPG out of business, for instance.)

Regardless, I don't fault Zuffa Entertainment for its stance. It's just on the marginalized side in this fight.
1/22/12 7:44:39PM
I am not suprised one bit
1/22/12 8:11:37PM
Doesn't' suprise me. What does though is how blindly all these companies do follow it and don't mind how many freedoms could potentially go out the window with it.

To quote Joe Rogan "You can't stop the internet baby!"

1/22/12 8:12:32PM
As lohman said, it's perfectly understandable why the UFC supports this measure. It's easy for us to criticize the bills (as I do), but when your livelihood is based on selling product that is largely distributed via video, that is pirated en masse, it's difficult to not justify measures such as this. I do think it's short sighted though, and the UFC should be pushing for alternative bills, or a modification to the existing ones.
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