Would you support making the last round untimed for the UFC to avoid draws or contreversial decisions?

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POLL: Do you want an extra untimed round in close fights?
Yes 20% (19)
No 61% (57)
Would rather make non- title fights 5 rounds 19% (18)
7/8/07 9:03:59PM
I was thinking about this because not only was there a draw last night, but there have been so many close fights in the last couple of years. A lot of these could have gone either way IMO. Griifin/Bonnar 1, Lil Nog/Shogun/ , Melendez/Kawajiri, Griffin/ Guida,Hendo/Bustamante 2 Sanchez/ Karo, Big Nog/Barnett 1&2 ,Leben/Cote, Tito/Belfort, just to name a few. On TUF they have a sudden victory round, of course there are only 2 rounds to begin with . So I was thinking make the last round go till there's finish or have all non-tile fights be more rounds. I know it would definitely favor those with good cardio, but shouldn't all fighter's do their best to be in shape anyway? The refs would really have to make sure to keep the action going, and maybe even penalize someone for stalling, like it was threatened in the Werdum/Arlovski fight. Since we don't know if Pride will be back, I will make this a UFC only discussion, but if Pride returned I would want it for both organizations. I think if the rules were changed to add knees on the ground, make the last round untimed, and the refs made the fighter's stay active more fight's would have a definitive ending. Whatcha Ya'll think?
7/8/07 9:14:48PM
I would love to see that happen, but with MMA falling under the Atheletic Associations, it isn't going to happen. There has to be time limits. Just like in the U.S. a fighter can't fight twice in one night. Maybe they should go with a "OT" round if there is a draw.

I'm wondering if the UFC would be allowed to use yellow cards to deduct coin from a fighter if he is stalling. Draws have to be very fustrating to the fighters, but then again, don't leave it up to the judges. I know that's easier said then done
7/8/07 9:34:23PM
I agree with that, but zep already mentioned one problem in the regulations and another would be the PPV time slot UFC buys. They buy enough time for if all their matches went the distance and use filler or undercard bouts when they don't, so if a close match started near the end of their allowed time and this rule was in place you wouldn't see the end of it.

7/8/07 9:39:35PM
Extra round? Yes. Untimed? No. If we had another 15 minute jockeying match it could do more harm than good as it pertains to the PPV timeslot and what matches are shown.
7/8/07 9:41:18PM
I would be in favor of a extra 5 minute round.
7/8/07 10:25:36PM
I wouldn't support the last round being untimed. I would, however, support an extra, three-minute (four-minute if it's a title fight =P) round to avoid draws and contreversial decisions.
7/8/07 10:29:35PM
Thats a good idea, but PPV's are already too long imo(i hate they replay the same 30 minute promos and advertisements between every fight). OR we can have each of them tie a hand of their choice behind there back and duke it out like the real gladiators OR the bloodsports techiqnue when you trade kicks to the side for a verbal submission from pain!
7/8/07 10:48:29PM
I would like that a bunch... I hate watching a whole fight and no winner... but i guess it would eventually get boring of 2 exhausted fighters throwing no power into their punches, the guy with the submissions would prob always win.
7/8/07 10:51:40PM
Not at all... I don't see what all the fuss is concerning draws and splitters... in fact, I wish the UFC referees where much more sticked on dishing out fouls.
7/8/07 11:20:18PM
I would like to see draws and splits go to an extra round. 5:00 round though.
7/8/07 11:26:28PM
untimed would be fine with me i hate decisions. i loved old ufc fights where you always had a winner.
7/8/07 11:36:55PM
Draws are fine by me in very close fights.
7/9/07 12:03:28AM
Draws don't bother me in the least. my brother had a good point about rashad/ortiz...neither really should have won. ortiz was GASSED! i never thought i'd see that.
7/9/07 1:04:10AM
If there is a draw like in the Ortiz-Evans fight, then there should be a fourth round that is five minutes long. That round is the tiebreaker and decides the outcome of the fight. This prevents having an unnecessary rematch in the future when there are much better fights to be had. Honestly, who wants to see Rashad and and Tito go at it for another 15 minutes if there are going remain passive? I'd rather have seen a fourth round and have a clear winner so that the division can move on.
7/9/07 1:46:08AM
i think they should just make them go another round. draws are stupid
7/9/07 1:48:08AM
Personally I'd rather see cumulative scoring and better scoring. Round by round sucks. If a guy wins the first two rounds (or three for Champ. fights) he can just dance and avoid engagement his way to victory
7/9/07 8:25:33AM
One extra 5 minute round would suffice. Unlimited would take too long. If you got 2 lazy heavyweights that are gassed, its gonna take all night I vote 5 minute round to get rid of decisions!
7/9/07 8:32:10AM
Just a deciding round please like k1 max.
7/9/07 8:39:52AM
I don't have a problem with the way it is now.
7/9/07 9:17:54AM
I don't think unlimited time would work very well these days. I think it would actually slow fights down a lot as opposed to speeding them up because fighters would have in their minds that the first to gas is most likely going to be the loser, there would likely be a lot more tentativeness and less effort made to push the pace for a finish. I think we would end up seeing a lot of royce gracie - sakurabaesque marathon fights without much effort to finish. Fights would most likely become a battle of attrition for the most part. Granted I did watch the full sakuraba - royce fight and I did find it entertaining, but I don't think the majority of people would find it entertaining, and I don't know that I would enjoy watching several fights of that nature in a row.

It's all good and well to cite the old days of UFC where a karate fighter would run in and punch a 500 lb blob in the face as an argument against that, but I think with fighters these days being so much more well-rounded and talented, quick fights would become scarce. I think we would end up seeing a lot of victories as a result of fatigue and accumulated damage and not a whole lot of submissions or KOs
7/9/07 9:51:15AM
Draws don't bother me at all. It makes the rematch sweeter. It shows us the next time they fight exactly which guy made improvements and which guy hasn't learned a thing. It's nice to have a decisive winner/loser but throwing in a truly deserved draw once in a while mixes up things nicely.
7/9/07 11:21:35AM
That's not a bad idea, but if they would make three relatively simple changes it would eliminate a lot of the controversial fights very quickly.

1. Implement a card system.
2. Get rid of the ten point must system and implement a point system, I.E. points are awarded for landing strikes takedowns, advancing position etc. and Are tallied throughout the fight, no round by round scoring
3. Find or train Judges that can properly score an MMA bout, guys Like Matt Hume, Greg Jackson, Etc. who train fighters and understand the nuances of the game would be great for this, and if paid would likely gladly do it.
4. Quit leaving Point deductions in the hands of the refs, if a fighter makes a repeated infraction intentionally either they card them deduct a point... whatever it calls for, or their pay is cut. Simple as pie, no exceptions.

I know it rubs some people the wrong way to introduce rules that effect people's pay, but it works, and if the follow the rules they'll be fine.
7/9/07 12:31:53PM
I would agree with an extra round but definitely not an unlimited round. =\
7/9/07 7:14:45PM
yeah i'd like to see no timelimit.. but it wont happen so i dont think about it
7/11/07 2:01:07PM
if it goes to a draw,then go to a sudden death round
7/11/07 2:29:19PM
can you imagine a sean sherk fight with unlimited time? That would take up 2 ufc time slots by itself or we could see sylvia arlovski 4 and 3 hours of jabbing.
7/11/07 2:30:39PM
I'd personally rather see 1 minute round extensions for heavy action. So for example when Tito had Rashad in that guillotine the round could be extended for up to a minute or when action ended, which over came first.. If Tito finished Rashad off then the fight would be over but if Rashad got out then the fight would continue. Equally, at the end of their fight, if Rashad kept pounding the crap out of Ortiz, he could have posssibly ended it. This allows mometum to have more meaning and late round mistakes would carry more consequences.
7/11/07 6:01:22PM
I think that's actually a really excellent idea. A "No saved by the bell" rule where fighters in very dangerous situations are forced to fight their way out before the round is allowed to end.
7/11/07 7:00:29PM
The only problem is that it wouldn't force people like Sean Sherk to attack. It would merely solidify their choice to not make a mistake and play it safe at the end of the round. But really, how do you force someone like Sherk to be more agressive? I think purse penalties are a good idea, but what we really want is to make sure that they are never passive... how do you force someone to always be agressive? Weight agressiveness as more important that dominant position? Sherk wouldn't have laid on Franca had he believed he was losing by doing so. Personally I think that dominant position is pointless in MMA, especially if nothing is being done. Based on this line of thought, don't award points to dominant top position instead award points to someone like Franca who is making agressive attacks from the bottom while also attempting to become free?
7/12/07 6:16:56PM
nope not at alll just because if its a draw then we get a sick rematch
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