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9/22/08 1:00:06PM
Does anyone watch this show- My wife and I watch this pretty religiously and really enjoy it- the season premier was Thursday- and if you watched it then read on- (Spoiler)

the Scene where Bobby and dean show up to Sams Motel and he with that chick.. she is in her tank top and pantys... we later find out it was "ruby" the demon thats been helping them... so Sam is "sleeping" with her now? not very "characteristic"... but after deans death Sam has changed?? or do you think she was in between changing clothes after killing some demons or something?? Also - wow Sam kicks demon ass now with his "powers"
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9/22/08 2:12:37PM
I actually got into this through netflicks recommendations based on my favorite shows, pretty cool. I saw the angel part coming, but you never know whats true on this show. They also recommended Veronica Mars to me, and I admit to having no previous wish to watch it. I was seriously wrong, as Veronica Mars was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Hustle was another netflix recommendation I liked as well.
9/22/08 5:18:35PM
I follow the show but due to my work schedule I did not get to watch the new season yet. I had to watch the last season off my Xbox 360.
9/22/08 10:22:11PM
Gotta love DVR- 9 PM is always mid bedtime for the 2 youngest kids....
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