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POLL: Who would win and why(post your reason)
Jones 16% (5)
Valasquez 63% (20)
Don King eats flamin hot cheetos 22% (7)
5/27/13 7:47:51PM
Jon Jones vs Cain Valasquez.

This match up of champions is the best of the larger weight classes IMO.
5/27/13 8:12:12PM
Cain, because he's a cool guy and a monster! Also I want him to beat the cockyness out of Jones. That guy thinks hes better than Ali and Bruce Lee combined right now!
5/27/13 8:13:54PM
I still want Jones vs Andy because of the size difference (not too much), the striking abilities (closer than most think IMO), and I don't think Jones can easily out grapple Andy who has some serious jitz and we all have seen Jones does have some flaws with sub defense.

Between the two though I think Cain would actually have a decent shot against Jones...would probably pick him to win.
5/27/13 10:33:48PM
I'm not a fan of the super fight idea because they all just seem so unrealistic.
5/28/13 12:36:18AM

Posted by sparky

I'm not a fan of the super fight idea because they all just seem so unrealistic.

I would agree by and large. I don't like most super fights. Part of the fun of P4P lists and arguments on who would win between, say, Anderson Silva and GSP, is that it's all speculation and the mystery of it all. Once we know the actual outcome of such a super fight it takes the shine and luster out of the loser and it makes us say stuff like "Well he's not as good as so-and-so, look what happened when they fought".
That said, there are some "super fights" that are realistic and may happen one day out of necessity or whatever. Examples, Benson Henderson vs Aldo when Aldo makes the move up when the weight cut becomes too much for him anymore. Jones vs Velasquez is another decent example what with the talk that Jones plans to move up sooner rather than later. There are a lot of fights for Jones at HW that I'd like to see when/if he does actually make the move. Match ups with JDS, The Reem, Big Foot, Struve, Big Country, Velasquez, Mir, etc.
5/28/13 8:12:34AM
Super fights. The bigger weight class will always have the advantage.

Jones vs Andy. Jones
Jones vs Cain Cain
Andy vs gsp Andy
5/28/13 9:34:55AM

Posted by sparky

I'm not a fan of the super fight idea because they all just seem so unrealistic.

I also don't like them, but also because it feels like peaking at your presents before Christmas. I don't want the magic to end and in the case of Andy vs Jones, if Jones takes him to the ground and just helbows him to death in the first, what fun would that be?

Aldo vs Bendo or Jones vs Cain are the ones I would pick because they involve the inevitability of a fighter moving up in weight because his body can no longer handle the weight cut.

But on topic Cain would win, I think his boxing is better despite the range difference, I don't see Jones stopping his td, and I don't see Jones working some of his ludicrous throws on Cain.
5/28/13 10:26:17AM
This would be a cool fight but I dont see it happening anytime soon. I think people need to give Jones more credit in this fight. I'd actually see Jones winning this via submission.
5/29/13 1:53:13PM
I think that Velasquez would win, due to his size advantage.
5/29/13 4:16:21PM
IMO, Velasquez could win based on what I saw in Velasquez/dos Santos II.

I think the fighter who could eventually beat Bones is going to be someone who can win a grinding, exhausting fight and simply break/outlast our current LHW champion.
To me, Velaquez showed the capacity to do this when he put a sustained beating on JDS for 25 minutes.
Of course, this line of thought may overlook the fact that Cain would hit harder than Jones has been hit at LHW... so maybe Velasquez could actually (T)KO Jon 'Bones' Jones.

And that's why I want to see Jones/Velasquez (but not as bad as Jones/A. Silva)
5/31/13 12:43:28AM
I have aldo really high on my p4p because hes the onlyguy in history who id have as a favorite over every single opponent in the weight class above him.

Id have Jones losing to each of the big 3 at HW.
Gsp as well to the 3 at MW.
5/31/13 5:39:46AM
if jones moved to hw, im guessing he would weigh in around the same weight as cain. No size advantage.

He is a master of range and keeping people at the end of his punches. He has never been taken down. He would still have his reach advantage over every single hw fighter on the ufc roster.

i think these are all good points.

Cain is a cardio freak and holds a relentless pace, which would play a part in the fight if it got to the latter rounds.

Here is a point i would like to make. size advantage in super fights have shown to be an advantage with all of them going to the heavier or bigger opponent. But i think at lhw and hw it is a different story. HW fighters do not cut any weight ( maybe except the guys at the 265 limit ) but for the most part they dont. All lhw's cut weight, jones has been known to start his weight cut from 245 !

with these two weight classes i believe the size difference will play a minimal part, just because the bridge is gapped with hw's not cutting weight.

i truly believe jones would win this if they ever made it happen. He has stated before thay he will eventually move to hw. Only time will tell.

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