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6/5/12 4:45:25PM
I have a student of mine that has been with me for over a decade now that is somewhat of a legend at FFA. He is not your ordinary student - he is different.

He moves awkwardly, he goes for weird submissions that no one else does, and reacts in completely unexpected ways.

He is called Mantequilla, which means butter in Spanish. He gave himself this nickname when he left a drunken voicemail to my academy.

I told you he was different :)

Now there are many hilarious stories I could tell you about Mantequilla that would make your head spin, but I'm not sure how comfortable he would be with that, LOL!

The reason I bring him up is because the funky stuff that he does on the mats works!

I have seen him do the Boston Crab, the Giant Swing and front flip guard passes in class on good fighters. I'm not saying he always gets these crazy moves, but he gets them enough.

You see, Mantequilla is big fan of the Japanese culture and Pro Wrestling. He will pick up moves from watching shows, movies, and even video games and try them out in class. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But one thing is for sure - no one ever sees him coming.

This technique I'm going to show here is a move he taught me that I have named after him, El Mantequilla.

It is a great way of finishing a Head Inside Single Leg when you are getting stuff down. I have finished this on all types, from black belt to all American college wrestlers - this is legit! Check it out:

Believe and Achieve,

David Avellan

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6/5/12 8:21:00PM
Grab a leg and do a barrel roll? I LIKE IT!
6/6/12 7:48:41AM
You know, I have always wondered if that technique would work. It always seemed like a natural thing to do when you're being stuffed, I just figured it wouldn't work because the opponent would slip out or shrug it off.
6/6/12 3:27:14PM
Looks crazy. I know when my student Mantequilla was telling me about it before showing it to me, I was thinking he was going to show me a goofy pro-wrestling move.

But after using it on great wrestlers, I know the technique is legit. The key is hugging the leg super tight.