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6/12/11 6:05:48PM
Just got back from watching Super 8. I had pretty high expectations going in from the majority of the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. So, here we go....

I was a bit let down. I don't know if it was just my mood today or what. The movie had a great vintage feel, and it looked like they took the main character right out of ET or Flight of the Navigator. That was a good thing because he did a fine job playing the part, as well as the majority of the cast. It has sort of a goonies feel, mixed with a science fiction/horror/action movie. I wish I could explain more, but I don't want to ruin anything for those planning on watching it. One could probably tell from the trailers what I'm getting at.

The movie is somewhat unique, but it felt like it took bits and pieces from 3-4 movies in general. Goonies is one of them, but I don't want to name the rest because it would be somewhat of a spoiler. It had some nice action sequences, especially the very first one that really gets the movie going. The special effects were very good and the cgi didn't take anything away from the movie.

All in all, I would have to give it a 7/10. I liked the nostalgic feel, mixed with new school effects. The banter between the group of friends is funny at times, but I never really cared too much about what happened to them, minus the first big action sequence. I just felt disconnected from the film about halfway through. I think this one would be a solid rental or matinee special.
6/12/11 6:53:24PM
I honestly had no interest in seeing this movie and your review pretty much confirmed that for me. Not saying you gave a poor review, but I picked up what you were putting down and it pretty much confirmed what I had been thinking about this film.
6/12/11 6:57:28PM
Yeah, I really want to explain more, but it would just be too much of a spoiler.

When the previews first rolled out for the movie, I honestly felt the same way. I really had no interest watching it. All the hype and reviews finally got to me though, and I had a whole bunch of free time today, so I figured what the hell. I debated between Super 8 and X-Men. I really wish I would have watched X-Men now.
6/12/11 7:01:49PM
Oh, there was absolutely no debate. I had heard that X-Men: First Class was finally Marvel's equivalent of the Batman reboots and they were 1000% correct. X-Men: First Class was the most amazing movie I have seen this summer and if Captain America is half as good, Marvel will have hit the trifecta with Thor, X-Men, and Capt. A.

Dude, did you not see my facebook posts after I walked out of First Class? That should have sold you right there.
6/12/11 7:19:25PM
I wish I would have double checked your fb page now. I don't feel ripped off by any means, but just wanted to catch a flick that had a great story that could suck me in, with some nice action mixed in. I'm a sucker for movies with a nostalgic feel, and that's why I debated between both of these. Looks like I just picked the wrong one. I rarely go to movies but from the sounds of it, X-Men might be the next. I did enjoy the previous movies in the series, maybe minus the 3rd one.
6/12/11 7:23:42PM
This is completely different than the first trilogy. It's much darker, has more back-story, much richer character development, and actually is pretty funny to boot. Obviously I don't need to mention action because it's the X-Men, duh, they have it.
6/13/11 2:00:48AM
BlueSkis you just sold me on seeing this. I've heard a few good things and was debating if it was worth the money for the ticket (Which is starting to get ridiculous). The last X-man movie, the Wolverine one, was okay. And the X-man 3 movie was pretty bad IMO so I didn't know what to think about this one. I'm excited now.
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