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12/6/07 11:51:00AM

Run-down on the final episode of this season's The Ultimate Fighter - Spoiler alert!
12/6/07 12:40:15PM
Getting poked in the eye is part of fighting I thought Tommy was wining before the eye poke anyway. It is going to be a great fight with Tommy training with Hughes now he is going to be a beast and he will give Danzig the best fight out of anyone on the show. Tommy is Hughes's mini me, but being a betting man I would have to give it to Danzig, great fight none the less.
12/6/07 12:46:11PM
No such thing as a spoiler at this point really - people need to know the results to make picks, here in the UK they arent showing it until Sunday directly before the finale
12/6/07 6:25:39PM
Mac better watch out Tommy has KO power and wont tap thats scarry
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