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12/6/07 11:53:56AM
I'll go out on a limb and suggest a new format for TUF.

What if they drop the whole live-in-a-house-together idea and drop the team concept.

What if they pick 8 fighters - pair them up with current top talent in the UFC to be mentor/coaches for several weeks - not sure how long - but long enough to get some decent improvement and decent footage for the shows.

The up-and-coming fighter gets his expenses paid to go to the coach's city, work with him at the same gym, and whomever is available to train with at that gym.

Then, after X weeks, Dana picks 4 fights, and we have our first set of fights. The winners advance. Then, after X more weeks Dana picks 2 more fights. The winners advance to the finals. Live event time.

The idea would be to get rid of the elements of the show that are of questionable value and arguably detract from the development of the fighters.
12/6/07 11:57:08AM
I think the current format is in desperate need of revision and I like your ideas.

Whatever is done the obviously awkward part is the team concept. That's borrowed from other reality shows but does not fit an individual sport like MMA at all.
12/6/07 1:25:49PM
Supposedly, we are to expect a huge shake-up with the TUF7.

I like your idea better than the current format. The "Real World/Big Brother" stuff is pretty lame.
12/6/07 1:51:00PM
I agree the format if getting very stale and it wasnt that good to begin with.

I like those ideas you mentioned, it could be something else though. I'm sure there has got to be some better way than the current format
12/6/07 9:32:57PM
I just couldn't help but think of how much better each fighter could have been if they had one-on-one time with the coaches over a longer period of time.

Imagine Tommy Speer, who already has a similar style to Hughes, working with Hughes daily for a month or two. Or Kendall Grove with Tito for a couple of months.

There would inevitably be personality conflicts between some of them after a while, and close, strong bonds between others. They could highlight the difference in styles between the camps (free publicity for the Gyms), the fighter-coaches could build names for themselves as good coaches for their futures. It could work on many levels.
12/6/07 10:14:19PM
All of these suggestions are worth while, but include a lot more time and in turn a lot more money. the current format is kinda chessy with the reality show stuff but it works. I would like to see them do some different things when guys get hurt. Like have an elimination fight to see who "comes back" to fight. i think a fight between "war machine" and jon colcski(sp) to see who fights danzig could make things interesting.
12/9/07 2:36:56PM
The "team" crap needs to go, all it does is provide friction when it comes to quarterfinal and semifinal matches...not to mention that it kind of overshadows the fact that there is ONE contract for ONE guy...a whole team doesn't get a contract when they're "teammate" wins the competition.
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