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10/24/07 12:23:49AM
Since there are top point winners and top earners for each events, how about incorporating a top bull's eye picker for each event. This will be awarded to the person who picks the most fights on point. In other words, whoever gets the most 11 point picks/22 point picks. This could be tallied at the end of the season as well and could be awarded with cash or whatever. The badge could be a bull icon. This may seem redundant or too similar to top point earner but I just thought it was a cool idea. In addition, at the end of the season whoever picked the most hot bouts right could be the "hot bout king" or something to that effect. Let me know what you all think.
10/24/07 12:35:11AM
that sounds like a good idea. i like the way you think.
10/24/07 11:06:53AM
That's a good idea...I think I'd have a shot at that one...I tend to get the 22 pointers more than anything else...
10/24/07 12:56:43PM
the hot bout always seems to save me. it can make or break you sometimes.
10/24/07 6:05:00PM

Posted by jgordon85

the hot bout always seems to save me. it can make or break you sometimes.

True to that. The UFC 76 hot bout broke me for sure. I originally had Tyson Griffin to win by UD and then I decided to switch it to Thiago for the UD. Boy was that stupid, I did the same for the Machida/Nakamura fight. I will never speak of that event again...
10/25/07 6:26:01PM
10/26/07 6:09:53AM
I like the idea since in my last 3 events ive had about 3/4 perfect picks on each

I just want to earn a badge for picks/wagers at some point, ive been so close so many times
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