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6/22/07 12:07:02AM
What happens if you bet all your money and then lose it? Does that mean I have to stop playing the game?
6/22/07 12:56:08AM
No. When you make you picks under the "My fantasy picks" section, you get money for each correct winner , round , and type of victory.
6/22/07 7:26:57PM
Plus wagering the fantasy money has nothing to do with the points game.
6/22/07 8:03:29PM
So, just to be safe and sure.. If we lose all our money, do we get another chance, or do we just stay at $0.. I'm new, so I don't want to lose anything, if there is a chance of me losing all my money on a card, then i'd like to know.
6/22/07 8:48:13PM
no you win cash back for picking the fights right. so you can win cash back so you can wager somethign on the next event.
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