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9/14/07 12:51:52PM
I wake up this morning and see a thick box addressed to me,so im like sweet i got something in the mail.I open the box and see that it is 5 copies of the same magazine with BJ Penn on the cover.I guess my question is did anyone subscribe to this magaziine?? and get 5 copies.I checked all my order history and invoice and i didnt sign up for 5 copies..But hey 13bucks a year isnt bad guess i can sell the other 4 copies i dont need.
9/14/07 12:57:31PM
Cool. You should perfect the art of defacing Penn's picture with french mustaches and monocles.
9/14/07 1:02:36PM
nice im go check my mail when it gets here lol
9/14/07 3:13:57PM
Haven't subscribed but but the issue with Serra on the cover.Much cheaper than fightsport magazine.
9/15/07 11:13:26AM
FIGHT admitted it was a mistake, and said to pass it out to friends to get them more subscriptions, Sam Caplan told us about it over at MMAJunkie.
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