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6/28/07 4:13:36PM
Armbar to bicep slicer from mount know one knows its comming
6/28/07 6:47:23PM
i like the triangle choke and the arm bar from the bottom.
6/28/07 7:14:00PM
North-South choke ala Jeff Monson. ******* awesome.
6/28/07 11:41:37PM
from side mount Im thinking kimura and if he defends well option the kimura into arm bar

From there back, with seatbelt lock, rear naked and if he defends the arm on the throat go to arm bar and if he defends the top hand(like he should)the arm bars stiavailable occasionally but usually I just try amd time the transition to mount as he fights the top arm.

From half guard on top, knee bar all the way(espeacially when there dog tired) and only if they arent figure foring there leg.

from knee on stomach I try and drain them out by really controlling and elevating the far underhook while basically trying to hurt them and take there will with my knee on the stomach. If there already tired I palm there face with my balance hand(or hand thats behind there head/ same hand) If they attempty to look away and turtlle(rolling onto my underhook) seatbelt lock and take back, if they lay like a slugand let you palm there faceinto the mat its armbar all the way.

from mount(punches in bunches if were fighting!) grappling I just attack and pressure with my frony deltoid(shoulder which is easiest to maintain your base and balance if hes fresh and bucking like a bull) until he bridges or hip esacapes the anticipate which way he'll hip escape and take there back

If Ive been taken down or swept and there in my guard( not gonna lie Im attempting to get to my feet or underhook to singleleg but if somehow Im playing from my guard say hes just whooping my ass in takedowns or Im winning and been taken down late inn the match and I have to fight from my back going for a sub) the kimura series I guess, possibly arm bar

From bottom with them in my half guard, this is my one triangle set up and pretty much the only time I ever attempt them, I love it. It woks great on wrestlers. Work ur underhook on half guard side then act as if ur hip escaping and pushing off there far thigh with ur foot as if your attempting to take there back, once your able to post up on your elbow(the on thats no underhooking)then pop to triangle with the foot that would be pushiong on there thigh.

Thats about all I got, or all I use in live rolling. Pretty long and kind of a lame post but thisd is my grappling game, as you can tell I rely heavily on scoring the takedown and working from top

6/28/07 11:51:02PM
kimura and rear naked choke
6/29/07 2:38:54AM
Call me old fashioned, but since when did the nipple twister from the mount go out of style?
6/29/07 11:31:33AM
All trace of the Attacks are gone. In the future when someone starts attacking, threatening, fighting, and just being a jerk will someone let he mods know. I just had to delete about 11 post. Next time I'm just delteing the whole thread. Thanks
6/29/07 1:03:23PM
I love to watch any submission, but my fav. has got to be the triangle. It is always a thrill to put that on someone, bitch to get it put on you.
6/30/07 12:57:45AM
My favorit submission has got to be the "flying triple decker pecker recker." If I can't pull that off, I like to take my opponent and pound him from behind. haha...I couldn't help myself, thank you UFC 75!
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