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4/8/08 6:11:29PM
ne one else see Tim re-signing with the UFC right after his fight with Fedor (if it happens)?

to me it seems a little odd that the UFC wouldn't let Randy go but they let Tim go without a fight. seems to me maybe the UFC sees Tim as the guy from the UFC that can beat Fedor. If Tim beats Fedor, he will be HUGELY marketable again.

Honestly i think Tim has a better chance of beating Fedor than Randy. He's really hard to get to the ground. And honestly i think Nog can take ALOT more damage than Fedor, and has better grappling on the feet.

This is not based on any proof or ne thing, just seems like and odd move for the UFC. It would be like if they released Rich Franklin from his contract with no fight.

Ne one else see this happening?
4/8/08 6:44:28PM
Tim already said he wants too "Finish my Carear in the UFC" on Inside MMA

so yea i do, but not in the near future. Tim is still YOUNG compared to a lot of fighters. give it 1-3 years and he will be back, definitely not in 2008 tho
4/8/08 8:13:07PM
I definitely agree with you that Tim has a better chance at beating Fedor, then Randy does. With this said I still see Fedor as a huge favorite against Tim.
4/8/08 8:40:19PM
i see tim back in two years, i see fedor as the favorite right now, but i think tim will give it his best shot and come out blazing like the old timmy, i don't like tim as a fighter but i will be rooting for him against fedor
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