What style do you think is the best to defeat Fedor?

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POLL: What style?
Wrestling 11% (5)
Sambo/BJJ/Submission Wrestling 7% (3)
Kickboxing/Muay Thai 18% (8)
A well rounded MMA fighter 30% (13)
Chuck Norris 23% (10)
Haggis!!!! lol 11% (5)
1/27/09 9:32:11PM
John and Sara Connor
1/27/09 9:58:14PM
I'll elaborate a bit on why I think Barnett has the best chance-

First of all, Barnett has excellent top control and a huge size advantage. I don't see him KO'ing Fedor from the mount, but I see him able to last long enough on top of him to score points in the judges eyes. Not to mention that Barnett has the savvy to avoid subs from the bottom, and the way he uses his weight on his opponents is second to none. He held Couture down and pounded him out, and we recently saw him display excellent top game vs. Gilbert Yvel. Not to mention that Josh is happy to play conservatively from the top, which will be a must to avoid being swept or submitted.

Wrestling- Barnett's wrestling is far and away better than Fedor's from a freestyle wrestling standpoint. Fedor has shown weakness to a strong shot in the past, and Barnett has solid freestyle wrestling skills. If he Greco clinches with Fedor he'll end up in trouble, but I think Barnett knows this. Not only that, but Barnett had a pretty solid battle with Pawel Nastula who's judo credentials might match up or even exceed those of Fedor.

Striking- You've got to give it to Fedor by a mile here, but Barnett has a tough chin and he's got the size and length to stay at a good range. Against powerful strikers he's experienced problems, but that's when there is an arsenal of kicks. Fedor isn't big on the kicks, and Barnett hangs in there with the boxing pretty decently.

So it comes down to size, top control, and wrestling for Barnett. I think he can do it. Honestly. By decision.
1/27/09 10:23:42PM
wasnt barnett on the bottom for most of the fight against couture?
1/27/09 11:03:04PM
He was, but when he got on top he destroyed Couture. I think Barnett has a weak bottom game, but once he gets on top he's hard to shake
1/27/09 11:28:39PM

Posted by Pookie

Posted by haggiswasher

I'm currently training with russian sambo extraordinaire Zangief from street fighter too. I think it will help.

Ahh the master of the spinning pile-driver...

If Napoleon Dynamite has taught me anything, it's that girls only like guys with great skills. And there is no greater skill than the infamous spinning pile driver as performed by Zangief from the Street Fighter series.

The manliest wrestling move ever conceived, the spinning pile driver involves Zangief grappling his opponent into an inescapable doom grip, turning them upside down, jumping with them roughly fifteen feet into the air (spinning the whole time, of course), and ends with Zangief driving his opponent's head into the ground below with earth-shattering force.

A tricky maneuver, the piledriver requires a 360 degree rotation of the joystick followed by the well timed press of a punch button. This takes intense concentration and can only be pulled off by the most skilled Street Fighter. Added to the degree of difficulty is the fact that the vast majority of Zangief's competitors are girly-sissy-boys that fear being piledrivered and will hurl spit and toss all manner of crazy fireballs at him in a vain, cowardly attempt to keep Zangief at a distance and escape the piledriver's wrath.

Upon witnessing this feat of manly Street Fightery, women cannot help but audibly swoon. Master Zangief and I can guarantee you will have throngs of women following you from arcade to arcade.

women....following....you....from...arcade.....to....arcade..ok i wrote it all down in my hanna montana notebook so i won't forget. Thank you all for your support
1/29/09 6:14:09AM
Fedor vs Amir
What would you think of that haggis
1/29/09 7:28:29AM

Posted by warglory

Posted by higdon10

Posted by warglory

Oh come on, you guys are playing up the Fedor mystique WAY too much. Andrei was owning Fedor on the feet for the time they were exchanging. Fedor looked completely razzled. I don't see how you can witness that and then come on here and wonder how someone can beat him. It's called Arlovski vs Fedor II.

I wouldnt say that Arlovski was "owning" Fedor before the KO. A rematch would have the same result, Fedor early KO.

How can you possibly come to that conclusion? If it weren't for Arlovski's knee attempt which brought him in range of Fedor's offense, who knows what would have happened. Fedor had no answers for Arlovski.

Because Arlovski has been doing the same thing for his entire career and there's no reason to think that he would magically develop his defense while attacking overnight.

If you think he was getting owned you should re-watch the fight in slow motion and count how many shots actually land clean. Andrei was outpointing Fedor but owning him? Come on. He threw a couple of combos, landed one or two good shots, then they tied up for about 45 seconds or so where andre failed a takedown, they were seperated, another exchange where Andre lands one or two clean shots and then a push kick into a flying knee. We know how that ended.

Andrei got owned, not Fedor. Andre was SLIGHTLY outpointing him for about 2 minutes of the fight when you consider the time spent tied up in the corner. I don't know how anyone can say that a guy landing around half a dozen clean strikes before getting KOed was owning someone.

If it was any fighter other than Fedor I doubt people would be saying the same thing. People are just so used to seeing him dominate that when someone lands a punch on him it's like he's already lost the fight. It's not a coincidence that he fights completely differently each time he fights. He really obviously rope-a-doped a fighter who is notorious for attacking with his guard wide open, if you don't think it was planned, why do you think he STUFFED andrei's takedown forcing the fight to stay on the feet? If he was so uncomfortable standing why would he force it to stay in that position? Why did he back repeatedly into the same corner only to throw bombs when andre pushed in? Watch the replay, you can see that he has tons of time and space to circle out, instead he knocks him out cold. It was clearly his plan.

I don't see how anyone can expect a rematch to go any differently when the guy wasn't able to last 4 minutes. He would have to either finish Fedor or last 25 minutes with him.

Here's a more in-depth analysis of the fight. Maybe if you see the .gif and read through you'll think differently, maybe not. I think it's worth checking out anyway. When I was watching the fight I had the same initial reaction as you, but after watching it back several times, he really didn't get hit with too many shots, he evades or blocks most of them. One thing Fedor is known for the most is keeping cool even when he's in danger. Randleman, fujita, hunt, he never looked panicked when he was in danger, yet against a fighter who is notorious for attacking wildly when he smells blood he all of the sudden acts like he's scared? Seems like a strange coincidence... It's not the first time someone started the fight by outpointing him only to lose and he never looked remotely uncomfortable.

my write-up

I think people will be surprised when/if the fightmetric indepth stats come out for the fight. Andre didn't land as many shots as he appeared to land.
1/29/09 7:43:40AM
fedor also controlled the clinch and landed more punches and knees before they were seperated. Arlovski was really barely outpointing him. I strongly recommend watching it in slo-mo. After watching it another time I can tell you that the standup lasted 1:15 before they clinched, the clinch lasted another 1:15, and in the following 30 seconds Arlovski lands the only significant strikes when he hits fedor with a right hand and then the push kick.

The initial 1:15 was very even as far as punches landed (1 or 2) with arlovski scoring about 2 lead leg kicks, then Fedor controls the clinch and lands 2-3 more punches and 2-3 more knees than Andrei, the fight seperates, Arlovski lands a lead leg kick, misses a 1-2 combo, throws another 1-2 and clips him with the second punch, lands a body punch, then the push kick.
1/29/09 7:50:58PM

Posted by Mungooch

Fedor vs Amir
What would you think of that haggis

haha no comment
1/31/09 2:58:12PM
Bash me all you want but i truly believe Lesnar would beat Fedor. I think andrei hurt fedor with punches and we all know that one punch from lesnar spells good night for anyone. If brock can avoid being submitted i think he wins by KO.
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