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5/12/08 5:22:50PM

Posted by Raykill

Posted by gartface

Posted by juanez13
Jason "The Athlete" Macdonald

I hope to god you're an Athlete if you're in MMA.
The Prodigy is pretty dumb, seeing as how he's 29 years old now.

His age doesnt change the fact that he is a prodigy. Unless you think he should change his name to BJ "was a prodigy, but is to old now even though his nickname the prodigy represents his ability to learn his skill set in a fast manner and will always be considered a prodigy like Mozart even in death is still considered a prodigy" Penn

So others that should be changed due to age

Joe "Daddy" Stevenson
Joe" Grandaddy" Stevenson

Kenny "Kenflo" Florian
Kenny "KenSlo" Florian

Tommy "The Farmboy" Speer
Tommy "The Farmgeeser" Speer

Sean "The muscle shark" Sherk
Sean "The sagging-muscle shark" Sherk

You get the idea

Another one,

The Snowman

Maybe the puddleman?
5/12/08 5:26:32PM

Posted by holt8081

Matt "the terra" serra is gay

Yea, what a "Terra" anyways?

A terra-dactyl?

5/12/08 9:53:12PM
5/12/08 9:55:41PM

Posted by chubbud22

I think The Dean Of Mean is pretty lame

you kidding me? when he knocked out forrest and goldie yelled the dean of mean kieth jardine reigns supreme i about passed out from laughing. his nick name is great
5/12/08 11:30:16PM

Posted by juanez13

Marvin "the beastman" Eastman
David "The Soul Assassin" Terrell
twinkle toes- sooo gay!
baby face assassin
the huntington beach bad boy
Jason "The Athlete" Macdonald
Nick "the goat" Thompson
Elvis "The King of Rock n Rumble" sinosic
The Muscle Shark
Da Spyder kendall grove
the heat" Karo

Those are the worst, but IMO, the worst is the worlds most dangerous man

the best i think are Mirko "cro cop" filipovic (cro cop has become his last name, on they dont even put filipovic) and "Shogun" Rua, Igor "Ice-cold" Vovchanchyn.

You took my answer I thought Marvin "the Beastman" Eastman was lame. I mean don't fighters have some say in what their nickname is???
5/14/08 7:04:26AM

Posted by Raykill

Posted by holt8081

Matt "the terra" serra is gay

Yea, what a "Terra" anyways?

A terra-dactyl?

U guys for real?!?!?!?

Matt "the terror" Serra... terra !!!!!
5/14/08 9:47:30AM
the barn cat
11/3/08 8:11:51PM
Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson

Where the heck did that name come from?
11/3/08 8:20:54PM

Posted by bls1919

Newest to the list
Tommy " The Farmboy" Speer
ken flo
Matt "Handsome" Wiman

my favorite has to be and i'll probably get flamed for it is
Rich " NO LOVE" Clementi

All I think about when I hear Matt Wiman is him in Season 5... He said something like he changed his nickname from Handsome to Mildly Attractive and when he get's a few wins he'd change it back and eventually work up to World's Sexiest Man Matt Wiman! lol

The gayest MMA nickname is Kenflo, it's flaming gay from a

Sorry about that statement I will make it more politically correct.... a homosexual nickname from a homosexual (But still a human being and deserved of respect as a person for making his own ough choice in life) guy.

That should make the Democrats happy...

(not trying to start an argument) but unfortunately I like Joe Lauzon and he did it too... after those two it's anything with assassain ir generic like that.
11/3/08 9:31:20PM
Best ever is The Axe Murderer! Best nickname ever!

worst is the peoples warrior, god thats so gay!!!!!!!!
11/4/08 7:56:56AM
Gumby by far is the worst!!!!!!! Poor Jeremy Horn
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