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5/10/08 10:51:39PM
Hello All!

I'm old...kinda, 26 and never fought in any kind of way in my life. played football, rugby, just ran a marathon so I love sports and pushing myself. I'm looking into joining a local mma gym to start some training and maybe in a year or so get in a cage and get my face beat in just to experience the greatest sport of all.

So to get to the I being stupid? haha I'm 6'1" around 200 could shed down to 185 if needed.

Appreciate any advice anyone would like to throw out there!

Thanks guys and girls!

5/11/08 11:35:17PM
Are you asking for good gym's in your area? Where are you located?
You will probably need more than one year of serious traing unless you really plan on getting your face punched in. Don't really know your back ground, but you have nothing to lose get serious and see how far you can go !
5/12/08 2:39:03AM
What kind of advice are you looking for?
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