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3/3/13 1:47:55AM
Via twitter:

'Thanks for the support everybody, I wanted Herb to take the tooth out of my cheek and continue but then it turned out my jaw was broken..'
3/3/13 2:07:30AM
Upon seeing how superslick Hunts ground game has gotten, my jaw broke as it dropped and crashed to the floor in awe.
3/3/13 2:19:08AM

Posted by Pookie

Upon seeing how superslick Hunts ground game has gotten, my jaw broke as it dropped and crashed to the floor in awe.

No shit, huh? Vastly improved ground game. After being out for over a year, I was pleasantly surprised to see the improvements he made. A dedicated and motivated Mark Hunt is a scary mofo.
3/3/13 2:35:34AM
*correction hunt broke struve's jaw.
3/3/13 2:42:02AM

Posted by aussiemma

*correction hunt broke struve's jaw.

3/3/13 3:46:02AM
I was shocked how good Hunts ground game looked. He really is becoming a Top 10 fighter.
3/3/13 4:24:08AM
It's funny how there seems to be a direct correlation between broken jaws and blocking Hunt's fist with your face. All kidding aside, it was a great fight, and as others have already said, Hunt's ground game is much improved. The entire time hunt was in his guard I remember thinking "Oh god, this isn't going to end well. If you want to get out alive Hunt, run, run for the hills". Guess Hunt showed me.
3/3/13 8:14:48AM
Trading with hunt was not a smart move
3/3/13 8:43:38AM
Maybe this will teach Struve not to stand and trade with powerful strikers, but I'm sure he'll be back at keeping his chin high in the air, when he gets back in the cage.
3/3/13 9:57:53AM
it wasnt the standing & trading that bothered me. it was when he quit using the jab, lowered his head down, & practically laid his chin on a silver platter. i understand taking a few will make you cocky, but that was a dumber decision than the Sanchez/Gomi decision.
3/3/13 11:15:15AM
I have to say I was irritated by the commentary, and some of the write ups on the Internet criticizing Hunt's decision to keep the fight on the ground.

You can't tell a fighter that he needs to improve his weaknesses, and then in the same breath, say he/she needs to avoid such situations. That is hypocritical. Hunt realizes that if he wants his career to move forward, he NEEDS ground fighting experience, and in this sport, the only way you'll test your meddle in what you've learned is by testing it in a live fire scenario so to speak. I respect Hunt before, but I have earned a whole new level for the guy after that performance. I for one was excited to see him being so motivated on the ground, and wouldn't have felt angry had he lost because of it.
3/3/13 1:23:28PM
3/3/13 1:49:34PM
Hunt just does not give a fuck. I truly was wondering what he was doing playing with Struve on the ground when he had him so thoroughly handled on the feet. He got the job done though, I was pleased.
3/3/13 7:01:15PM
i picked hunt to lose that fight too. what a great win. unfortunately, i think hunt will have loads of trouble with guys that put him on his back. he did a good job getting out of struves mount, but i wouldnt consider struve to have much of a ground game. i know he has some subs in his last few fights, but they were over guys with zero ground game. mark hunt was able to not just survive struves ground but actually land some nasty shots from the top. big nog, mir, cain, werdum and even big country would probably put him on his back and either sub him or wear him out.
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