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12/27/07 3:03:26PM
DeSouza / Carneiro?

For some reason I can't get my head to pin down a pick I'm comfortable with on these guys. Any research help or thoughts to sway me one way or the other?
12/27/07 3:22:50PM
Words of wisdom, by emfleek...

When in doubt...

...choose 'C'.

You're welcome!
12/27/07 5:36:16PM
I picked Carneiro because i think DeSouza will gass. Also Carneiro is a big WW he did great against Jon Fitch so i think DeSouza will be easy for himi.
12/27/07 7:15:48PM
This one is hard, but I took DeSouza since both are BJJ guys and Tony has better creds. However, he can if it goes to decision there's no telling.
12/28/07 4:10:10AM
DeSouza only gasses because they make him walk back to his corner after each round.

In MMA, Carneiro has beaten better opponents and lost to better opponents. If he could strike better, I'd pick him hands down. But as it is, I see DeSouza taking rounds 1 & 2, and Carneiro taking round 3.

I would really love to see either guy sub the other though; decisions are never as satisfying.
12/28/07 10:37:16PM
i think this fight hinges a lot on how carneiro will come into it
carneiro is the better fighter imo, but the way he 'quit' in the fitch fight put doubts in my mind if he can stick it out if he gets in trouble again. desouza on the other hand i think has cardio issues and he didnt really look all that great at the weigh-ins, in the end, i think desouza wont be able to put in carneiro in a situation like the fitch fight so my pick is carneiro by decision
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