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5/23/07 11:15:58PM

Posted by Mastodon2

Id rather be in a dance club tbh. I dunno what clubbing is like in America, not as strong as it is in England for sure, but I'd like to see how you lads do it over there. England has a really strong clubbing culture, particularly in Newcastle, which is one of the worlds top 10 nightspots.

Depends on the area. NYC, Boston, tons of places on the West Coast, etc have a ton of clubs. I'd figure you'd be more into Chicago, as they're known for blues and jazz clubs that stay open until 5am.
5/24/07 9:28:57AM
While I do enjoy my Jazz and blues and I would love to visit Chicago for a number of reasons, when Im out "clubbing" as it were, I just like loud, thumping Dance or Drum n Bass music, anything with a strong, fast pulse to really get moving to
5/31/07 4:17:06PM
haha good one i was in the air force so on the base where i stayed at the Airman Club on Saturday night(every 3 months or so) they have this thing called an allnighter(not really all night but close). Newayz they have strippers come on the base talk about krazy......N e thing goes except str8 bumping uglies everything else was on and popping...touch, feel eat, lick.....whatever u into.

6/5/07 2:17:57AM

Posted by Svartorm

We had a strip joint a few miles from my house that had an All-you-can-eat $2 macaroni and cheese buffet, which shows you exactly how classy a place it was.

sounds awesome....if u like macaroni
6/14/07 2:35:27AM
Chicago strip clubs suck BTW, No alchohol served whatsoever due to groping and all they serve is soda for $5 a can, strippers in the city suck, i have to out to Polekatz in bridgeview, Illinois good stuff there!
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