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4/10/07 3:48:41PM

As Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) skyrockets in popularity, the resistance of mainstream media outlets (Sports Illustrated and ESPN) has historically probably been due to a fear of pro-wrestling combined with old-school boxing writers lack of understanding. Boxing writers love boxing; and they often feel, correctly, that MMA fighters usually aren’t the best boxers.
4/10/07 4:47:40PM
Great article. I makes Mayweather look like even more of an idiot.
4/10/07 5:02:24PM
Good article!
4/10/07 10:40:34PM
Yeah good read. Thanks for the post.
4/10/07 11:53:33PM
Awesome, awesome article. I think every combat sport is poetry in motion, each having their own nuances. MMA is still a young sport, like the author has stated, and is continually evolving. Someday, it too, will be a "sweet science."
6/29/08 6:37:40PM
to revive an old thread this was a great article.. I thik more need to read it..
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