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11/12/07 1:32:31PM
According to an article posted today at

One aspect of the tournament I found interesting is that the pairings won’t be announced until Thursday’s weigh-ins (fighters will draw lottery balls and choose which slots in the brackets they want). If you’re one of the fighters, you’ve got a ton of homework to do. You have to plan for every scenario. You have to study up on all three of your possible opponents — without even knowing which one you fight first.

MMAPlayground has the bracket pairings and odds listed as:

Falaniko Vitale (-230) vs. Yuki Sasake (+205)
Jorge Santiago (+140) vs. Trevor Prangley (-150)

So which is true? Are the bracket pairings already set, or will they be announced Thursday at the weigh-ins?

If the matches are not made until Thursday, it is entirely possible that the pairings listed here on MMAPlayground might not happen.
11/12/07 8:25:04PM
I dont know how it will work...thats wierd..

I like them how they are on here though....sets up for a good championship match between Prangly and Vitale, atleast thats what I would guess....
11/12/07 9:56:45PM
Really I don't think it matters, because Vitale will win the whole shebang.. He's the best guy out of the four.. He's the best fighter there who has any chance of beating Shamrock.. I would like them to stay this way..
11/13/07 12:37:50AM
i was wondering the same thing after i read the article. i hope the pairings stay like they are on here. i got big money on prangley.
11/13/07 6:07:47PM

--Strikeforce announced there would be a lottery ball draw on Thursday night to determine the first round pairings in the first ever MMA tournament held on a major promotion show in California, the next night in San Jose. Trevor Prangley, Falaniko Vitale, Jorge Santiago and Yuki Sasaki will draw balls. Ball one gets to put his name down in the bracket. Then ball two can either decide to face ball one winner or put his name in the other bracket. If the latter happens, Ball three then chooses his first round opponent.
11/15/07 12:42:38PM

Posted by Scott_Revels

Really I don't think it matters, because Vitale will win the whole shebang

Think you are missing the point dude, we need to know them in time so that we can makes picks and then have enough time to get wagers odds (tho i think they will just have to estimate them and put them up straight away)

Please can a mod please shed some light on how this will work?
11/15/07 9:02:32PM
No, what i'm saying is, I don't care which pairing it is in, if we even get to pick, because I am going to pick Niko over any of them, and then unless Prangley is facing Niko then him. I am not betting on any of the four so from the wagering point of view, then i'm covered. I don't care for the prediction side of the Secondary League as much as I do the earnings.. So I wouldn't be hurt if we don't get to pick for them.. Though, as a competitive person, I do agree with everyone on that I would like to pick.. But again, I honestly don't think any of them stand a chance against Niko.
11/16/07 7:28:35AM
Well bud i cautiously disagree, and we will see as the 2 best guys in the tourney have been paired together in the 1st rd so will fught each other at thier best

Prangley VS Vitale and the winner will surely beat their opponent in the final

We should be able to pick the tournament winner in some way cos obviously we cant pick the final but should be able to say who we think will win the whole thing

Im not that bothered though and confident in my picks on it, Prangley will win
11/16/07 7:33:26AM
The wagers lock up in just over 5 hours so im hoping the admin/mods will add the 2 tourney fights on there (they have added them as picks but not wagers as they dont have odds to work with from the picks)

Please admin/mods PLEASE add the fights to wager on!!!!!
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