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8/5/09 8:34:16AM
The idea that Emelianenko won't be granted an immediate shot is a dubious one, and for a number of reasons:

1. "Let's build that fight up" isn't the sort of thinking that's conducive to good business in MMA. The sport is too tricky and unpredictable for promotions to lay foundations for fights, and several high-profile bouts have fallen apart based on the notion that they should marinate. If it's a good fight, book it. Not after lunch. Now.

8/5/09 10:00:26AM
When Coker said "lets build this fight up",I thought he ment it more in a commercial aspect of the fight.
Not the idea of giving Fedor 2 or 3 fights before Overeem,but in the sense that you do heavy advertisement for the bout.
Tv spots,posters,etc.

I guess i'll have to read the Coker interview again,and see if it's solidly put into either context.

Just read it.
Coker did mean for their to be a few fights before the title fight between those 2.
imo,that is a very,very,risk endeavor for sure.
Fedor is considered the number 1 HW,but that could always end in the next fight.
I say just put them up against eachother right from the get go.
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