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8/5/09 6:30:46AM
GracieMag is reporting that Middleweight Ronaldo Souza has signed with Strikeforce. He's expected to debut for the promotion this fall, which obviously casts some doubt on whether his planned rematch with Jason Miller at DREAM 11 for the vacant DREAM Middleweight Title will actually happen.

8/5/09 6:41:45AM
Slightly off-topic, but with regards to the MW Title fight there are rumors the fight could feature Paulo Filho instead, according to Japan-MMA.
8/5/09 7:31:17AM
Well if dream and strikeforce are really working together now, mabeys they're going to put on some kind of super card later in the year? Fedors first fight, Mayehm vs Ronaldo co main event.
8/6/09 10:33:08PM
After the way the last Mayhem vs Jacare fight ended it wouldnt surprise me if Dream wasnt too thrilled with doing it again so soon. I was so pissed to stay up until six in the morning for a NC. Would still love to see the fight happen, maybe they could do a champion vs champion if both end up winning their next fights?!
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