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8/18/12 8:08:31PM
I'm actually pretty excited for this show. Does anyone know where I can find live streams of the prelims and/or the main card. Props will be given for the help. Enjoy the fights everyone!
8/18/12 8:09:03PM
I just need Bowling to win and I'm set.
8/18/12 8:35:45PM
So Mauro and Shamrock aren't wasting any time reminding us why they're the worst commentary team in the business. Miletich has corrected both of them at least twice after one fight.
8/18/12 8:45:10PM
Surprise van
8/18/12 9:34:25PM
Tate/Kedzie was probably the most exciting WMMA fight I have seen.
8/18/12 10:13:12PM

Posted by MALICE

Tate/Kedzie was probably the most exciting WMMA fight I have seen.

Strikeforce WMMA is usually pretty damn good, I'll give them that. It's the most exciting thing they have going on right now. That fight was right up there with the FOTY candidates so far and Kaufmann/Davis and Rousey/Tate earlier this year were amazing fights too.
8/18/12 10:35:16PM
Wow. Cook went down hard.
8/18/12 10:36:28PM
Landed flush. He didn't move for awhile, I was a little concerned.
8/18/12 10:40:23PM
That KO was vicious.
8/18/12 11:39:11PM

8/18/12 11:44:01PM
Souza with striking could be a dangerous foe.
8/18/12 11:54:03PM
The poll was a little over Shamrock's head I guess.
8/19/12 12:12:12AM
Shamrock is such a tool. Every time that guy speaks, my ears bleed.
8/19/12 12:44:15AM
And the Rowdy one leaves once again carrying another arm with her. Many people will say she is good at only one thing, but she closed the distance well, got the fight to the ground, and latched on to Kaufman's arm like a pitbull. Kaufman did her best to defend, but I am starting to see the best defense against Ronda is to somehow keep the fight standing, easier said than done. We will have to wait and see how Cyborg does now, but 6 first round stoppages that come by the same sub are kinda hard to argue with. Ronda does come off as being arrogant, but she is the face of wmma, and her continuing to win in impressive fashion will only bring more exposure to the sport. I predict by mid 2013 we will see women fighting inside the octagon. Uncle Dana cant afford to not have that happening sooner rather than later.
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