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2/18/09 7:10:46PM
As expected, Strikeforce has revealed the full fight card for their 4/11 show. Half the fights still need an opponent but they are at least set, and SF revealed 3 fights for a tentative May show. Also, no Gina Carano on 4/11 at this point, May still seems likely for her next fight.

2/18/09 8:49:00PM
First please get Gilbert and Josh some decent opponents for the 4/11 card.

For the may card, have Lawler face Smokin Joe, that is if Smokin Joe got taken to strikeforce.

Babalu I hope will destory Feijao.

Hope Carano is still training

MAKE Kimbo vs Bob Sapp!! haha
2/18/09 10:55:23PM
i can't wait to see new strikeforce look
2/19/09 11:26:10AM
Right now they're talking about Mitsuhiro Ishida as a possible foe for Thomson, interesting because they originally planned to have him maybe fight Melendez. As for Babalu, he's definitely not opposed to the Feijao fight, right now however he's working on re-negotiating his deal so it might be contingent on getting that done in time, there's also a rumor that Feijao might instead be put against Bobby Southworth (who Sobral beat for the title) in an eliminator of sorts.
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