Why was Strikeforce removed from Secondary?

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12/4/10 4:25:58AM
Seriously. WTF?
12/4/10 7:39:49AM
It was a combo card with the Tachi Palace Fights card from the other night. It'll show up after the strikeforce stats are run tonight.
12/4/10 8:44:19AM
not removed, Locked.
12/4/10 11:34:41AM
It is removed from 'My Fight Companion' though, which seems to happen every time there is a combo card. If I put on my programmer's hat for a moment, I believe I know why this happens. I'm assuming after the first event is complete, that the results are inputted into the system. I imagine it thinks the event is complete and moves on to the next event in the companion. If this is indeed the case, it could be prevented by waiting and entering all of the results at once. Again, not 100% sure for the reason, but if it is that simple, I would ask if this could be done in the future.
12/4/10 2:23:32PM

I'm no where near a programmer myself but this is exactly what I was thinking. Seems like a pretty simple solution to me. Perhaps its too easy and we're way off.
12/4/10 11:12:16PM
Or search your name, click 2nd league picks and select the event. Your picks are sitting there for you to see.
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