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12/20/11 9:53:56PM
With consecutive wins over Fedor Emelianenko, Mike Kyle and Andrei Arlovski, former EliteXC champ Antonio Silva (16-3 MMA, 3-2 UFC) looked well on his way to establishing himself as one of MMA's top heavyweights.

Then he ran into Daniel Cormier, who booted Silva out of Strikeforce's heavyweight grand prix with a surprising first-round knockout.

As it turns out, the loss provided Silva with a valuable lesson he promises to carry with him for the remainder of his career – a career that looks as if may now play out in the UFC.

"Cormier is a good person and a great fighter, but he should have also payed the lotto that day," the Brazilian recently told ( "The first punch he landed took me out, and I was unable to fight after it.

"I am from Paraiba, and we always come to fight and let it all hang out. But I learned a lesson: We should not fight for the money but for the love of fighting. After Alistair Overeem dropped out of the tournament, I wanted out of the grand prix, as well, but I continued for the money and God punished me. Money should never be the priority."

12/20/11 10:26:16PM
Bring them all in to the UFC! mix up the division a bit!
12/20/11 10:58:25PM
Bigfoot vs Kongo or Meathead
12/20/11 11:41:16PM
It will be interesting to see how Bigfoot does in the UFC. Throw Shane Carwin at him.
12/21/11 12:05:22AM
Bigfoot vs. Struve
12/21/11 12:15:11AM
I want to see him do well in UFC.

12/21/11 1:27:34AM
I think they should swipe SF of most of their HW Div (touney guys), their champions, and any other top competition they have....make them a feeder league. Zuffa is basically trying to establish themselves as their own competition. I would love to see Masvidal vs Pettis / Maynard vs Melendez / Cormier vs Carwin / Silva vs Schaub etc....tons of good fights could happen. SF is on life support and I think they are keeping the organization alive to ensure they can fullfil the Showtime contract.
12/21/11 1:40:02AM
Antonio Silva vs. Travis Browne sounds interesting to me.
12/21/11 2:58:48AM
I think the guy could beat quite a few names in the division, but everytime i hear him talk i want to root against him.
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