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4/17/10 4:33:59PM
We're underway!
TV fights should begin just after 9 PM the way, the event IS NOT LIVE on the West Coast so unless you can find a way to watch it online as it happens you'll have to wait until 9 PM PT to watch.
Tonight's card:
Cody Floyd beat Thomas Campbell by KO in round 3.
Dustin Ortiz beat Justin Pennington by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:27 of round 1.
Zach Underwood beat Hunter Worsham by unanimous decision.
Cale Yarbrough beat Josh Shockman by TKO (strikes) in round 2.
Andrew Uhrich beat Dustin West by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:36 of round 1.
Ovince St. Preaux beat Chris Hawk by TKO (strikes) in 47 seconds.
Jason Miller beat Tim Stout by TKO (strikes) at 3:09 of round 1. (will air on CBS in some form, either in its entirety or highlights, if time permits)
TV fights:
Muhammad Lawal beat Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Gegard Mousasi by unanimous decision, 3 49-45s, to become THE NEW STRIKEFORCE LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!
Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez beat Shinya Aoki by unanimous decision, 3 50-45s, to retain the title.
Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Jake Shields beat Dan Henderson by unanimous decision, 49-46, 49-45, 48-45, to retain the title.
4/17/10 5:33:58PM
Am I the only one who cannot see my picks under the "My fight companion" link for the secondary league? I get the next WEC event.
4/17/10 6:05:29PM

Posted by scoozna

Am I the only one who cannot see my picks under the "My fight companion" link for the secondary league? I get the next WEC event.

Go into your fight camp and on the upper bar above the message-board sort by L2 Points, then click on the Bellator/Strikeforce combo event to see your picks.

Click on L2 Wagers and then this event to see your wagers.
4/17/10 6:41:38PM
Here we go again...we are starting 25 MINUTES behind schedule. That's 140 minutes to get 7 fights in. Over/under on Decisions...I'll set opening at 5.

Campbell-Floyd is our opener, and it's been briefly halted in round 2. Illegal elbows by Floyd. 1 point. Fight eventually resumes but it sounded like Campbell didn't want to continue.

Campbell gets the KO early in round 3.

Correction: Floyd wins. Get it right, Junkie. They've changed the PBP at least 3 times already!

We're in for a long night and probably some cancelled fights. Ortiz-Pennington now underway and DING! Ortiz kicks Pennington in the nuts. Timeout.
4/17/10 7:06:17PM
How the hell are people watching this already?
4/17/10 7:08:02PM
Prelims. There are websites doing PBP.

Ortiz wins in 4:27. RNC.
4/17/10 7:09:48PM
Ah, so there's no actual footage until 6, correct? I would assume MMAjunkie is doing a PBP?
4/17/10 7:15:28PM
Nothing will be seen on TV until 9 PM ET. And yes, Junkie is doing a PBP, that's what I'm referring when I post results. Now get me some more caffeine.
4/17/10 7:17:16PM
Will a beer suffice? I have plenty of those!
4/17/10 7:21:35PM
How about some delicious caffeinated beer.

4/17/10 7:24:59PM
sure....if you want a hangover from 1 beer.
4/17/10 7:29:37PM
I don't drink. As lame as that might sound.

Underwood beats Worsham by UD. Scores not announced.

Yarbrough TKOs Stockman in round 2.

Fight order has been changed, Miller-Stout will be next instead of Uhrich-West.
4/17/10 8:03:56PM
Looks like Mayhem should make the main card with the first round TKO.
4/17/10 8:05:21PM
And in 3:09, so it'll air in some form unless the title fights go the distance and they shove countless promo clips and video packages down our throats.
4/17/10 8:08:05PM
looks like we'll have a long intermission; only one fight left on the prelims and 55 minutes until the televised portion.
4/17/10 8:11:22PM
Uhrich wins in 1:36, RNC. I say get that last fight in first, at least they won't have to scratch it this time!

Edit: NOW Intermission, they got that last prelim in. St. Preaux wins by TKO in just 47 seconds. Back in 45.
4/17/10 9:11:46PM
I can't believe Mousasi is such a huge favorite. I don't think much of Lawal but he's an elite wrestler with huge power, and he trains with the Nog brothers.
4/17/10 9:12:56PM
100 percent took Curran and Curran lost LOL.
4/17/10 9:19:58PM
I say 10-9 Lawal after R1 despite Mousasi getting some good shots in over the last minute. Lawal was really in control.
4/17/10 9:21:19PM
Good 1st round. I also scored it 10-9 to Lawal, but I think Mousasi may have the psychological advantage. He defended well, and I'm not sure what else Lawal has in his tool box.
4/17/10 9:23:44PM
I like these back-and-forth swinging strikes Mousasi's landing on his back here. They seem to be more effective than they look.

I say too close to call in R2.
4/17/10 9:27:01PM
Mousasi has never looked better
4/17/10 9:27:42PM
Round 2 to Mousasi, 10-9. Mo couldn't do anything.
4/17/10 9:30:15PM
wow if king mo wins because he got takedowns with no offense, im officially not watching any more mma(EDIT:at least mma from the USA)

EDIT: nevermind....this was before king mo finally started gnp'ing in the 3rd rd
4/17/10 9:31:42PM
Right now I'm going to have it a closer-than-that 30-28 Lawal. Mousasi is being a bit too passive.
4/17/10 9:33:29PM
I've got Mo taking the 1st and 3rd.
4/17/10 9:33:42PM
3rd round to King Mo, 10-9.
4/17/10 9:33:56PM
This better be the round Mousasi finishes. He doesn't look good so far
4/17/10 9:34:26PM
Maybe Lawal isn't as gassed as he looks. He's still taking Mousasi down at will. Mousasi has to do something now and get the finish or he could very well lose.

Going to round 5. I have it a shocking 40-37 Lawal.
4/17/10 9:39:43PM
I think Mousasi underestimated Lawal. I think Mousasi is the tired fighter. Mo hasn't done anything, I could see it even but I got Mo 39-37
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