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3/3/10 10:25:57AM
April 17
Fantastic card!!!! And it's FRREEEEEEE on CBS!!!!

I hope Hendo knocks Jake out "Bisping style".

Mousasi v Mo will be 100% electric!

Aoki is someone the UFC should have gotten, as he's ranked
#2 in the world right below BJ Penn on MMA Weekly's list.
I think Aoki will grab that title.
3/3/10 8:20:33PM
I would be fine with the card if it was only those 3 title fights!
3/21/10 2:05:41PM
The card is completely stacked. I am super stoked to see this one.

But could you imagine the hype machine they could build if they were able to get Fedor on the card?
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