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6/6/09 10:17:16PM
It REALLY pisses me off when fighters gas in the first round. I just cant understand it.

It also annoys me when Randleman acts all pumped up before the fight, jumping around like a maniac, then runs to the center of the cage and does nothing at all
6/6/09 10:22:55PM
Also, nice to see whitehead came up with an original nickname.....
6/6/09 10:23:25PM
He's thrown like 2 punches so far. Can someone tell me why I picked him
6/6/09 10:25:28PM
I will give props to who ever can PM me a link to a stream.
6/6/09 10:29:16PM
A couple LHW's plodding around like HWs.
6/6/09 10:29:18PM
Well, that fight was ****.
6/6/09 10:31:32PM
3 29-28s, Whitehead.
6/6/09 10:37:46PM
Thanks grappler0000!!!
6/6/09 11:00:31PM
Riggs is gonna get a title shot at Shields I believe.
6/6/09 11:02:10PM
baroni gassed out once again. I think he falls victim to overtraining alot
6/6/09 11:03:42PM
war Diaz!!!
6/6/09 11:32:48PM
Diaz by RNC rnd 3
6/6/09 11:32:49PM
Man the UFC needs to get Diaz back
6/6/09 11:41:44PM
Diaz took some pretty big shots from Smith in that fight and pretty much walked straight through them. Very impressive overall display. I wounder whats next for him. Its interesting that he and Jake Shields probably wont fight each other, but they've both jumped up the MW division.

I wounder what Diazs beef with Scotts gym is. I was under the impression they where friends but it certainly didnt look like it, paticularly from Nick.
6/6/09 11:49:59PM
Holy ****. What the ****. Was it an early stoppage? I couldnt tell. Sucks for Andrei man, I love to watch him fight, but a HW with a weak chin is a recipe for disaster.
6/6/09 11:50:32PM
6/6/09 11:50:53PM
Oh well. Good stoppage. Andrei was stiff before he hit the mat.
6/6/09 11:51:24PM
Long live glass jaw!!!!
6/6/09 11:53:04PM
Where does Andrei go from here?

Brett Rogers vs. Overeem should last about 12 sec.
6/6/09 11:53:17PM
Glad I picked the underdog in this fight. I had a feeling AA's chin wouldn't hold up and Rogers can take a punch and give one but AA can only give one and not take one.
6/6/09 11:54:05PM

Posted by Aaronno9

[...]a HW with a weak chin is a recipe for disaster.

Yep. 7 losses, 6 by (T)KO, this is the 3rd by KTFO, that I remember.

"What's next for you, Bret?"
"Anybody. Anybody. I'm ready for anybody."
Camera cuts to Fedor, with a little smirk on his face.

6/6/09 11:54:06PM
I'm glad WEC is right around the corner. I'm getting crushed on this card
6/6/09 11:54:07PM
6/6/09 11:55:14PM
Fedor didn't look impressed
6/6/09 11:56:11PM
Brett seems like a humble guy, im happy he won. It should be interesting to see what happens when he meets Overeem, assuming thats going to be his next fight. I was really hoping to see Andrei take on Allister but oh well.

On a side not, Ive picked one fight right so far on this card. Lol.
6/6/09 11:56:34PM
fedor interviewing on strikeforce, eh?
6/6/09 11:57:13PM
Fedor " I think AA chose the wrong tactic."

Really you don't say. You mean getting KTFO wasnt a good tactic....
6/7/09 12:06:54AM
I cant beleive I stayed up till 5am to watch this fight, and me stream has gone down . Lame.
6/7/09 12:08:54AM has a good stream
6/7/09 12:11:36AM

Posted by telnights

Fedor " I think AA chose the wrong tactic."

Really you don't say. You mean getting KTFO wasnt a good tactic....

I think Barnett nailed it. Arlovski moved straight back when Rogers rushed him.
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