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6/7/09 3:19:22AM
Jake Shields def. Robbie Lawler via submission - Round 1, 2:02

Brett Rogers def. Andrei Alorvski via TKO - Round 1, 0:22

Nick Diaz def. Scott Smith via submission - Round 3, 1:41

Joe Riggs def. Phil Baroni via unanimous decision

Mike Whitehead def. Kevin Randleman via unanimous decision

Jesse Finney def. Josh Bumgarner via submission - Round 1, 1:55

Mike Kyle def. Rafael Cavalcante via TKO - Round 2, 4:05

Booker DeRousse def. James Wade via TKO - Round 1, 4:06

Tyron Woodley def. Salvoder Woods via submission - Round 1, 4:20

Lucas Lopes def. Scott Ventimiglia via disqualification - Round 1, 3:26

Pat Benson def. Dave Cochran via submission - Round 1, 2:18

Joe Riggs breaks both hands in win, still wants Shields

Mike Kyle (video) on knocking out Rafael Cavalcante

Arlovski suffers ''Grim'' fate at Strikeforce

Diaz stops Smith in 3rd at Strikefoce

6/7/09 5:04:22AM
I knew Rogers would knock AA out (okay i didn't know, but i was extremely confident).

In the weeks leading up to this fight Rogers just seemed so hungry. Hungry to prove he was for real. I think he's almost certainly done flipping tyres for a living and it's scary to think what this guy can achieve once he starts to train full-time and with a good camp.

Strikeforce needs to start using this guy properly soon, or Dana is gonna turn up with a better offer. It's been obvious for a while now that Rogers has the raw talent to be a top contender at HW.

Get him on the Affliction:Trilogy card ASAP!

6/7/09 9:49:57AM
lmao at the guys at mmaweekly rank lawler #2 mw in the world

Diaz would beat him agian
6/7/09 7:42:06PM
i was suprised rafael lost
not surprised that grim won
i think he is the best heavyweight prospect in the world outside the ufc
and strike force as well as elite xc have a star in the making who will not be promoted properly
he needs to jump to the ufc, i know dana would love to have him
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