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1/20/12 10:27:38AM
In hopes of finding the cause of a positive test for an anabolic steroid, Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal's manager, Mike Kogan, today sent to the Nevada attorney general's office a full list of the supplements and medications the fighter took.

After reviewing the list, the attorney general may ask Lawal to appear before the Nevada State Athletic Commission in March, Kogan today told (

The former Strikeforce light-heavyweight champ continues to maintain his innocence two days after the NSAC said his post-fight drug test revealed the presence of the steroid Drostanlone.

"I'm not a cheater," Lawal told "I'm a competitor. Cheating is not in me. It's all about skill and gameplan, and that's what I'm about."

Among the medications are Dexamethasone, an anti-inflammatory steroid administered once by a doctor Lawal saw prior to the fight; Orthovisc, a treatment for osteoarthritis used to lubricate the knee joint; and Lidocaine, a numbing agent.

Lawal admits he didn't note the medications on his pre-fight medical paperwork, nor did he disclose them to a NSAC doctor during a pre-fight examination.

"Before the fight, for the most part, they ask – I just don't put anything," he said. "The [Orthovisc] – I didn't think anything of it.

"This is my mistake not putting anything down, but I didn't think anything of like my Dimetapp (over-the-counter cold and allergy medicine) and amino acids and stuff. It's just general stuff. I should have, I guess. I'm still shocked from all this."

1/20/12 10:32:59AM
On a side note, grape Dimetapp is delicious.
1/20/12 11:29:50AM
Ultimately the fighter is responsible for the substances in his body. Ignorance is neither an excuse nor a reason. If you have a doctor or nutritionist that exposes you to a banned substance it is still your responsibility for either not informing them of the regulations or using less than reputable support staff.

Unless the test was a false positive Lawal should receive the same treatment as any other fighter, i.e. a fine and suspension.
1/20/12 11:39:12AM
The only thing that baffles me about this particular instance is the fact that Mo's been subjected to the most rigorous testing standards in the world when he was wrestling internationally and he's never pissed hot. That's not to say that he's never used PED's just simply that he's never been caught before. If he did in fact knowingly ingest a banned substance he would have needed to be either completely arrogant toward the state-level testing (which would imply taking a bit more "designer" PED than "Drostanolone" that likely wouldn't be detected) or he was ignorant to what was going in his body (also unlikely for a professional athlete).

I'm skeptical either way and never surprised to see the "Failed Drug Test" headline, regardless of who name it follows. He'll take his lumps like everyone else. But this is a big blow to Strikeforce; who is already desperate for headline-quality fighters.
1/20/12 11:41:34AM
is he trying to say Dimetapp is the cause of his faild drug test..hahahaha..funniest answer i ever heard from a fighter..hahaha..King Mo, please stop..werent u the one that was riding err'one bout cheating and roiding, now ur biting ur tongue up and take ur punishment and move have a good day Mo...
1/20/12 2:02:53PM
syz'urp will get ya everytime.
1/20/12 7:00:42PM
i have found the source!

but in all seriousness im actually leaning towards him not being a cheater and doing this on purpose.
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