Will Strikeforce's Japanese Gambit Succeed?

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9/20/08 4:08:54PM
Let's face it, there's not too much intrigue around tonight's Strikeforce at the Playboy Mansion card. First off, lightweight champ Josh Thompson is fighting a non-title fight against relative unknown Ashe Bowman. Secondly, both Babalu Sobral and Bobby Southworth dropped out of their match due to injuries.Thirdly, UFC also rans like Joe Riggs, Trevor Prangley and Terry Martin aren't exactly setting the world on fire these days.

But in true Strikeforce creeper fashion, there is something VERY interesting happening on tonight's card. Two A-List Japanese fighters are making their U.S. debuts. Sengoku middleweight star Kazuo Misaki and DREAM lightweight contender Mitsuhiro Ishida.

9/20/08 4:16:56PM
They may not have the same Named fighter's as the UFC but I think quite a lot of them could easily be in the mix inside of the UFC. Prangley, Babalu, Misaki, Martin, Ishida. I don't think these guys will ever be Div Champs in the UFC, but they put on quality fights that are exciting on a consistant basis. I think that is more important than your record....just ask the JT War Wagon!
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