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11/7/09 5:53:30PM
A surprise guest was in attendance at Friday's Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers Weigh-ins: DREAM & WAMMA Lightweight Champion Shinya Aoki. The Japanese fighter said he's attending tonight's CBS-televised event and hopes to soon fight for the promotion (presumably sans the pants). With the help of a translator, Aoki told Friday's crowd that he looked forward to the event and hoped he could soon make his promotional debut for Strikeforce. SF CEO Scott Coker said he hopes that could happen by early 2010.

11/7/09 5:56:46PM
And just where the hell is our resident Aoki nuthugger? How come it's someone else posting this instead of him? Oh well...he'll show up eventually to tell us just how he'll fare when he presumably must fight without the pants. And possibly against SF Interim Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez (Another ouch, Josh Thomson).
11/7/09 7:10:07PM
Could someone remind me who is in Strikeforce's LW division? Ohwell, I really hope they build it up. For some reason, I'm likeing MMA right now. We don't have our circus acts with EliteXC and Affliction. With Bellator, DREAM, And SF, we have a really cool stable talented underpool.
11/7/09 7:26:00PM
You've probably only heard of 2 regulars: Melendez and Josh Thomson.
11/7/09 8:05:10PM

Posted by DCRage

You've probably only heard of 2 regulars: Melendez and Josh Thomson.

Oh right!

11/7/09 10:36:22PM
no big surprise with the dream alliance
but i think strikeforce is making the right moves will never been the ufc but they won't fold like elite xc or affliction either

i do think ufc needs to start siging some heavy hitters prospects and letting hendo walk to them is not the start
11/7/09 11:28:48PM
You know, UFC letting Hendo go to Stikeforce 'could' be UFC setting them up. Let them 'think' they are stealing UFC fighters and then run out of cash because they blew the budget on 4-5 big names??

11/8/09 3:25:11AM
IDK man, the last Dream and SF events have been awesome! I can't imagine them not making money with these events, cards and total entertainment value. I know the fighters are asking for big $ but the org has to raking it in right now.....I'd lve for the SF/Dream union to become the next big thing....add on a killer new name like Pride and I am sold!!! LOL!!!
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