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8/12/10 9:03:37AM
Last month, MMA Fighting first reported that Strikeforce had hoped for a one-night middleweight title tournament to be held at its Aug. 21 card in Houston, but the Texas commission's rules put a stop to that plan.

Instead, the promotion set a middleweight title fight for the same night between Tim Kennedy and Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza to crown a champion in the division after Jake Shields vacated the belt by leaving for the UFC.

8/12/10 10:15:34AM

Four man tourney

Hendo, babulu, mayhem and radach or diaz or masaki
8/12/10 10:22:39AM
Thats a lot of effort for a runners up belt.
8/13/10 1:31:22AM
Benji are you serious!?
When you have major talent like Hendo, Misaki, Diaz, Manhoef. It' pretty clear to me who should be in it. But Benji and Lindland? Yikes. I have alot of respect for Matt, but its clear if I was running Strikeforce who I would put in the tourny.
My question is, why in the world they are doing a 4 man, rather then an 8 man. If anything, it would help with ratings ,and draw in some more fans.
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