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11/10/07 9:06:52PM
So whats the deal on how these fights are going to go.........."NOTE: 3rd round will only be used in the Sasaki vs Vitale and Prangley vs Santiago fights if the fight is a draw after 2 rounds."..........does this mean that all fights besides the above fights can't go past the 2nd round?
11/10/07 9:09:01PM
No, it means that the tournament fights will only be 2 rounds. If it is a tie after two rounds then it will go to a 3rd round. The other fights will be 3 rounds.
11/10/07 9:47:41PM
Yeah, think of it like a TUF Tournament. It's two rounds, and if it's still undecided, they go to a third. Then the winner goes on. If someone gets injured, then I think its Sean Salmon and Dennis Hallman, whichever wins their fight, will replace them.
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