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3/30/08 4:28:04AM
Well tonights show was pretty good in watching they really seem to be trying to get it together "overall" I gave tonights show an A+ the main event had me at the end of my seat hoping one of those lightining fast kicks would drop shamrock but also hoping the legend would come through one more time . WOW they put on a show.

Oh and one more thing I didn't drop an extra 45 bucks NOW to watch
maybe they do have their heads on right and as they bring in more top fighters they will be the demise of the UFC maybe just maybe after tonight. as if you have showtime its no extra cost and are even on free TV in 2 months
3/30/08 3:49:03PM
The organization is still full of idiots.

I'm sorry if I'm crossing some line here of fighter bashing (even though he's not a fighter) but Bill Goldberg is an idiot. I used to have respect for that guy, but he has no place in the broadcast booth. He thinks quite highly of himself and he shows that in his interviews/conversations with fighters.

Ricco Rodriguez interviewed Cung Le on his way out from the cage and he says "I've watched you your whole career..." then later on he says to him "You come from a very traditional sport Sha... Shu... Sho.... I can't even remember what it's called right now."

Couple those together and I think they're lacking in the broadcast department. Quadros is the only one I can really stand.

As for camera work I like that they stopped video taping the dancers so much. That was something they've done in the past that I never liked.

Fighter wise they've put together some decent names. I love that it's free on showtime, and I think they're doing alright, but far from an A+. Still a lot of work to do in the broadcast department.
3/30/08 5:47:04PM
Well as long as its on Showtime(and not on PPV) I will like it.
I thought yesterdays card was very good. I will continue to always give Bill Goldberg a pass because he was my favorite wrestler back when I watched WCW, lol.
I honestly do not mind the broadcasting, I really like Ranallo's jokes that he usually makes after or during a fight.

I guess ill rate last nights event at about a B/B+ range. I enjoyed it.
4/1/08 8:52:27AM
I agree that Goldberg is pretty terrible but I think he's at least tolerable. Ranallo is the man and Quadros is alright as well but I think he rambles too much.

As much as Frank Shamrock is a bit of a douche I love watching him fight. His fights are always entertaining.
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