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11/21/08 7:31:37PM
Full results:
Zakary Bucia beat Adam Steele by submission (guillotine) in 35 seconds.

Alvin Cacdac beat Jose Palacios by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:10 of round 2.

Darren Uyenoyama beat Brad Royster by unanimous decision, 3 30-27s.

Luke Rockhold beat Nik Theotikos by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:06 of round 1.

Joe Riggs beat Luke Stewart by TKO (strikes) at 2:05 of round 2. The referee in charge of this match, making his return to action, was "Big" John McCarthy.

Kim Couture beat Lina Kvokov by TKO (strikes) at 1:44 fo round 1. Randy Couture & Gina Carano were in Kim's corner.

Duane Ludwig beat Yves Edwards by unanimous decision, 3 29-28s.

Eric Lawson beat Tony Johnson (not UFC's Anthony Johnson) by submission (rear naked choke) in round 1.

Bobby Stack beat Cyrillo Padilha by unanimous decision, 1 30-27 and 2 29-28s.

Kurt Osiander beat Josh Neal by TKO (strikes) at 2:16 of round 1.

Brian Schwartz beat Lemont Davis by KO at 2:22 of round 3.

Renato Sobral beat Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Bobby Southworth by TKO (doctor stoppage-cut) after round 1 to become THE NEW STRIKEFORCE LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Main event: Scott Smith beat Terry Martin by KO in 24 seconds. "Huge" right hook.
11/21/08 7:57:54PM
couldnt get my picks in before the deadline... sucks
11/21/08 8:55:51PM
just got mine in... hoping for a good outing by babalu
11/21/08 10:24:17PM
Woohoo Rockhold just scored me $1,700 and max points
11/21/08 10:31:46PM
Here's a stream if anyone wants it.

11/21/08 10:35:28PM

Posted by FlashyG

Here's a stream if anyone wants it.


Thanks man
11/21/08 10:53:03PM
Did they pull the woman fighting Couture out of the crowd or something?

She doesn't seem to want to fight
11/21/08 10:59:15PM
LMAO what a can.

Kim Couture .. needs... MAJOR work.
11/21/08 11:29:25PM
Bang just got a UD over Yves!

Anyone know if Luke won over Riggs??
11/21/08 11:31:13PM
Very controversial decision imo.
11/21/08 11:32:52PM

Posted by jae_1833

Bang just got a UD over Yves!

Anyone know if Luke won over Riggs??

Riggs won Rnd 2 TKO
11/21/08 11:35:28PM
Luke Stewart had a good first round though.

11/21/08 11:55:18PM
Ugh kinda sucks to see a fight end by a cut but oh well. Rematch will be cool
11/21/08 11:57:34PM
Rockwood won me $2,000

pissed about babalu fight, bobby was looking golden before that elbow.
Oh well, he will get his chance....was looking to be a good fight.

Luke Stewart choked, thought he was going to win. Had 1st round 10-9

I would of won 7,000 grand on my parlay if he won.....damn you Luke!!
11/21/08 11:57:38PM
Sucks....I bet on him.....
11/21/08 11:59:59PM
Southworth has bad luck with cuts. Oh well, I think Babalu would have beat him eventually ne ways.
11/22/08 12:09:49AM
Martin is now 7-1 in the first round
11/22/08 12:21:50AM
Wow. Martin has got to be on the most receiving ends of highlight reel KOs I have ever seen. 24 seconds?
11/22/08 12:22:28AM
i didn't get to pick the round or method for this event, but so far i am 5-1
11/22/08 2:19:23AM
I went 7-1 with 64 Points, I didn't get to pick the last Fight because of school but there's no doubt in my mind that I would've called the Osiander Fight Perfectly and would've had 75 Points but hey I still did Good
11/22/08 7:26:03AM
Complete results including post-TV live fights are now up. For those who missed them, "Big" John McCarthy returned and worked Riggs-Stewart, and Randy Couture & Gina Carano were in Kim Couture's corner.
11/22/08 8:28:54AM
8-1 with 67 points ain't too shabby for me. I didnt think Luke could pull it out. Every1 I know on here went with Nik, so I did too. Between him and Lawson, I guess I need to give the ground guys a little more credit to get the job done!
11/23/08 10:41:45AM
Duane should come back to the UFC!
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