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11/29/07 3:03:03PM
Dennis Hallman and Alexander Crispim, who last competed at a Nov. 16 Strikeforce show in San Jose, Calif., have both tested positive for anabolic steroids.

California State Athletic Commission executive Bill Douglas today released news of the failed tests and suspensions.

Hallman, a former UFC fighter, defeated Jeremiah Metcalf with a first-round heel hook at the event, which was dubbed, “Strikeforce: Four Men Enter, One Man Survives.” Crispim, a former Gladiators Challenge fighter, defeated Clint Coronel via unanimous decision. Neither fight appeared on the Yahoo! Sports live broadcast of the event, which took place at the HP Pavilion.

11/29/07 3:12:18PM
Hallman? Seriously?

More CSAC BS is to come I bet.
11/29/07 3:51:50PM

at what point are they going to start thinkin " sh!t, everyone else is getting caught...maybe I'm next. It might be best to keep clean "

just embarrassing really.

i gave up on so many sports due to abuse with this matter.....i'd hate to see it happening to our sport as well.

11/29/07 4:34:49PM
nothing surprises me anymore with doping, its getting really tired all these fighters testing positive.
11/29/07 5:07:52PM
LOL, that is awesome. I used to like Hallman when we did a couple of amateur shows he put on. Hell he even gave my lil bro his nickname "Psycho". But with lopsided fight cards and financially screwing over of other promoters we have distanced ourselves from him. Me and a few of the promoters he screwed over are getting the last laugh now though.

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