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POLL: Who would win in a fight between Henderson and Melendez
Benson Henderson easily 27% (7)
Benson Henderson, but it would be close 58% (15)
Gilbert Melendez easily 4% (1)
Gilbert Melendez, but it would be close 12% (3)
12/28/12 7:01:58AM
LAS VEGAS – Now that the fate of Strikeforce has been determined, the fates of many of its marquee fighters are starting to trickle out.

For lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez, that could wind up meaning an instant title shot against UFC champion Benson Henderson.

UFC President Dana White on Thursday told a small group of reporters following a pre-event news conference for UFC 155 that Strikeforce's top fighters will be making their way to the UFC now that the promotion officially will fold following its final show – a Jan. 12 card in Oklahoma City.

12/28/12 7:05:29AM
With everyone else in the UFCs top LW tier already scheduled for other fights, the Melendez matchup makes a ton of sense to me. Always wanted to see Melendez fight the top UFC LWs and we finally get it.
12/28/12 10:40:08AM
Gil getting a shot at Bendo makes most sense at this point. There isn't a clear number one contender in the UFC LW division right now. I think this is going to be a great fight. I'm leaning towards Bendo, but it's a close one. I'm interested to see how Gil does in the UFC a lot of great fighters come over and prove to be not worthy
12/28/12 11:06:20AM
This would be a great matchup and a fight many have been dying to see. I wonder if this qualifies as the UFC playing the gender card, as Tim Kennedy stated earlier.
12/28/12 2:10:03PM
I think this will go down in May memorial day weekend or April co main ppv
12/28/12 2:49:54PM
I don't like the idea of guys getting instant title shots but in this case it makes sense. With that being said, Bendo all day in this fight.
12/28/12 4:52:53PM
Git ur dun UFC
12/28/12 6:02:07PM
It'll be interesting. They both have similar strengths, and yet theyre built completely differently.
12/28/12 6:30:59PM
I'm sure Gil worked with Nate for his title fight so that could be to his advantage
12/28/12 7:49:26PM
i think benson will expose gil as overrated.
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