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12/8/11 2:56:47PM
If Strikeforce is able to renew a deal with Showtime and extend its run on the premium-cable station beyond February, no shortage of storylines is emerging for its female fighters.

Two big ones came out today during a Strikeforce media call.

For one, Strikeforce women's featherweight champion Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos is considering a move down to 135 pounds – a division that could soon see champ Miesha Tate take on fast-rising Olympian Ronda Rousey.

12/8/11 3:02:36PM
Awesome!!! I think Rousey is the best female fighter on the planet and would beat them both!!!
12/8/11 3:07:12PM
I guess Cyborg really wants to fight, since there's nobody to fight at 145, might as well make the move down where there are a few fights for her.

I'd say after Cyborg's fight next weekend, I'd say have her fight Kaufman, and have Tate/Rousey fight, winner's of each fight, fight each other. Hell might as well pair the loser's up as well.
12/8/11 4:07:51PM
If she can make 135, then I'd say go down there. She's just a beast and has no real competition or anyone to fight. Hasn't fought in forever.
12/8/11 5:14:39PM
maybe now Gina will come back if Cyborg moves down
12/8/11 5:20:53PM
I'm surpised they haven't just made a 140 womens division so they could combine both together.

Its not like there is a lot of depth right now in womens MMA.
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