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11/6/09 11:06:49PM
It just started and I'll be giving the results for the fights that we were able to pick for the Secondary League.

Jesse Taylor vs Luke Rockhold- Luke Rockhold def. Jesse Taylor via 1st Round Rear Naked Choke
Shane Del Rosario vs Brandon Cash- Shane Del Rosario def. Brandon Cash via 1st Round Omoplata
Billy Evangelista vs Jorge Grugel-
11/6/09 11:38:47PM
Hopefully the referee work in that first fight isn't a sign of things to come tonight.
11/6/09 11:50:12PM
sweet heel hook!! that was nice.
11/6/09 11:51:54PM
i know this off topic but does anyone know what channel WVR will be on TVU>
11/7/09 12:01:57AM
1-0 w/ 11, Rockhold is a stud.
11/7/09 12:03:25AM
Wow, If Jesse would have just played it safe...
11/7/09 12:05:37AM
ugh, I was so close to tipping Rockhold. Happy we won though, he has looked VERY promising and Ive never been a fan of JT $.
11/7/09 12:09:24AM
Knew I should have went with Rockhold
11/7/09 12:17:48AM
2-0, 18pts. 1/3 of parlay with rockhold, cards lookin good for me hopefully

Del Rosario took a major beating, damn fine omaplata finish
11/7/09 12:19:03AM
nice comeback!! i can't even think of the last time i've seen a fight end via omoplata.
11/7/09 12:19:42AM
Nice finish. Thought for sure the fight was gonna be stopped after he got dropped. He took it right on the chin
11/7/09 12:58:05AM
Damn, looks like Modeferri vs Coenan is the hot bout, good luck tomorrow guys
11/7/09 12:59:49AM
wow, 2 30-27's in that fight?

I scored it 29-29, could've gone either way.

Sucks for Gurgel that he couldn't have won even if he'd dominated the 3rd.

Anyways, 3-0 with 29 and 2/3 of parlay complete.
11/7/09 1:05:49AM
1-2 so far....

And I am a little shocked at the 30-27s

I had it 29-28 Gurgel...but round 2 was a tossup, so I coulda seen it go to Billy to...but not 30-27
11/7/09 1:18:25AM
Hometown advantage maybe...........?
11/7/09 1:52:25AM
2-1 with 16 points. Should have taken Rockhold.
11/7/09 8:32:26AM
Bummer only 1-2

Had Billy by UD, Cash 1st round TKO and JT by UD. Kind of bothers me when the picks look so good, but then the fight turns around. I guess that's MMA.
11/7/09 11:16:23AM
Went with Evangelista and Rockhold and wagered on both of them individually and Rockhold was the big guy in my parlay
all success last night with both events(other sengoku 11) and hopefully more success tonight
11/7/09 11:34:08AM

29 points
11/7/09 3:18:11PM
Sweet 3-0 27pts, and made $392 on Rockhold!
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