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8/14/09 7:44:07PM
Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg weigh in results

Check out the full weigh in results for Saturday's Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg event, as well as pictures!
8/14/09 9:26:54PM
Most excited for the Mousasi-Sobral fight
and this is the best Werdum has looked in a long time, I'm thinking a quick win for him
8/14/09 10:15:42PM
8/14/09 10:38:26PM
8/14/09 10:49:14PM
Kinda suprised Babalu only came in a 201, that's lower then usual for him.
8/14/09 11:01:50PM
Ishida FTW, pumped to see this guy get a title shot

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8/15/09 3:22:48AM
Well I'm just glad that both girls made weight. It would have been bad for woman's MMA if they didn't. They both looked great, well let me rephrase that they both looked in shape and Gina looked great. I think Gina will win this one. I have to say Cyborg is a tough girl and has lots of power but her main advantage is her size in almost everyone one of her fights. Cyborg doesn't have that advantage in this fight and I think her aggressive style will cost her this fight. I think Gina will weather the storm in the 1st and start taking over in the 2nd with pinpoint counter striking and better footwork.
8/15/09 9:30:59AM
haha wow, thanks to this thread I won't miss my picks for strikeforce... completely forgot about it
8/15/09 10:10:14AM
gina looks a little extra hot there, i'm going to be disappointed when cyborg mangles her face, hopefully it doesn't happen though.
8/15/09 2:54:21PM
It's good to see both of them made weight. That was the one thing I was worried about through the whole thing. Should be a good fight. I'm actually intrested to see if JT Money can get the upset of Heiron.
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